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I have set up an unofficial TKL Community SourceForge project. It can be found here. My plan is to upload patched appliances (built from community provided TKL patches) and OpenVZ templates (built using the tkliso2ovz tool created by Adrian)

I have only uploaded a few OpenVZ of official appliances and a couple of patched appliances so far (only available as ISO and OVZ template at this stage). I hope to add more as we go.

I initially started converting and patching appliances for my own use but figured I may as well share.

I am happy to accept requests (please post in this thread) but offer no guarantees to timeliness (or even if I'll get it done at all) and/or quality (see below disclaimer). I would be happy to consider adding other TKL community members as admins (actually it'd be great to share the work) but I would expect you to be an existing active community member before I would consider it. If you are unsure (and want to avoid the risk of public refusal) send me a PM from my contact page.

When the TKL devs release official appliance versions of the ones I have uploaded, the unofficial ones will be deleted soon after. Same goes for OVZ templates. PLease note that there may not be an nice easy upgrade path from an unofficial (patched) appliance to an official release.

Feedback is warmly welcome, although please don't flame me! :)

Disclaimer: The downloads hosted in this SourceForge Project are not official TKL appliances or OVZ templates (although some of the OVZ templates are unofficially created from official appliances). This post, the SF project and the associated files are not endorsed by the TKL devs and are not part of the TKL project. Not all of them have been tested prior to upload (which will often be the case for requested appliances) so there is no guarantee that they will work as expected. They are to be considered Alpha releases (until you can test them yourself and confirm that they meet your expectations).

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Todd has reported some issues with the OVZ templates hosted on SF so be warned. I will have a more extensive look ASAP but unfortunately I won't get a chance until late next week at the earliest.

Feel free to test and provide some further feedback in the meantime, but don't get your expectations too high of them working.

The patched appliance ISOs should be ok though (I hope...)

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I think I did not reboot the vm after the TKLBAM restore.  That could have been the problem, because now (after reboot) it "appears" ok, but I have not thoroughly tested it.  I will do that tonight and report back.

PS:  This pertains ONLY the restore operation of an offical TKL appliance to an OVZ vm.  I still think the original batch of OVZ templates may have problems.

See:  This issue still stands.

[UPDATE] In hindsight, I think I should have posted this to the other thread.  Oops.

[UPDATE] I have verified that the TKLBAM restore worked fine.  No Problems.  I only forgot to reboot it after the restore process.


-Todd Forsberg

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I have just uploaded Fileserver, Moodle and Drupal6 OVZ templates. I created them today but have yet to test them (I know - I'm naughty). I hope to test them within the next week (hopefully tomorrow), but if anyone else wants to give them a spin and let me know, feel free.

Another thought I've had is renaming the OVZ templates to the PVE OVZ template naming convention (rather than keeping them consistent with the TKL ISO/VM image naming convention). That way PVE users can load them up and they'll display in th webUI without modification. I'm assuming that it will make little or no difference to other OVZ users, and although they will have different names to the corresponding ISO it will still be clear what they are. Here I have used the LAMP appliance as an example of the naming scheme I'm considering:

ISO (TKL default naming):

OVZ (current - follows TKL default):

OVZ (proposed - complies to PVE naming convention):

Any thoughts??

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I installed the fileserver OVZ in a few minutes, but it seems to stay stuck in a new password request on a console I can't see (running from PVE!).

Taking a look at a ps result, that I got from the VNC console of PVE, I see a process hanging as

172 ?        S      0:00 /usr/bin/dialog --no-collapse --backtitle TurnKey Linux - First boot configuration --insecure --title Root Password --ok-label OK --no-cancel --passwordbox ?Please enter new password for the root account. 10 60

The system is unreachable by means of http(s), and even setting a passwd root and restarting it keeps stopping there... any advice (faster-than-me-peeking-at-config-files)?


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I forgot to reply to your post sooner, but I have uploaded a new Fileserver OVZ (and confirmed that there was an issue with the old one). I have successfully installed the one I recently updated and it works fine for me. Hope it does for you too.

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I dl'd a few ovf files from here but proxmox won't accept them due to the naming issue.  To use them is it as simple as renaming them to pm's format? then uploading them with pm? If that is all it is wouldn't it be easiest to just publish a list of proper proxmox names for all the apps?

I have been using iso's as a result of this naming issue since then.  I will try your images site until it's ironed out here if that is what you are suggesting.  Thanks for addressing this J.

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So if you change the name to something similar to what I suggest above they work fine. As I say in that post I have been considering changing the names so they work OOTB with PVE.

FYI though they aren't PVE templates; they're generic OVZ templates - that's why I initially chose to keep their names to the standard TKL filenaming convention.

If you've already uploaded them, no need to rename and reupload. They're where they should be, just need to be renamed. Either use SSH or a SFTP client such as Filezilla to connect to your PVE server and you'll find the template(s) in /var/lib/vz/template/cache They'll then show up in the PVE WebUI.

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Not sure I'm understanding...I point proxmox uploader at my workstation download folder (because pm won't directly upload from tkl sourceforge directories..that would be the best wouldn't it?) and it errors out when upload is clicked.  That's where I'm at right now understanding wise. Feel free to correct me.

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Although if you're really keen you could just wget it straight from SF to your PVE server.

Then you may as well rename it on your desktop. Then upload it to your PVE server. You can use the WebUI or SFTP into the folder I mentioned above.

Like you say it would be great if you could download direct from SF but that is not likely as the SF urls change from time-to-time and PVE have their own appliance repository. There were discussions at one point between PVE and TKL devs re hosting TKL appliance templates in the PVE 'marketplace'. The discussions were positive but unfortunately the priorities of TKL and PVE are in different directions so it never came to fruition. Who knows what the future will bring though.

[edit] Sorry just read your post again and realised that you were getting stuck with uploadingbto PVE. I was sure that the templates upload fine as they are, although perhaps PVE now checks the filename complies before accepting them? Try renaming them on your desktop or upload via SFTP as I said above.

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I have updated a number of the OVZ templates and uploaded some new patched ISOs. I haven't tested them all yet and have been having some minor issues with some of the OVZs. If anyone else tries any and has any feedback I'd love to hear it.

[edit] I have just discovered another bug with the recent batch of OVZs. They don't seem to be getting DNS addresses (as propagated by ProxmoxVE). It is possible that this is a PVE bug (I have updated PVE since I installed my old/working OVZ templates) although I'm inclined to think it's a OVZ template creation bug.

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I just installed the latest LAMP OVZ, but it stops as it happened with fileserver OVZ in a previous post, see


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And thanks very much for your feedback Lou (and your patience). I have been working on a major update to the conversion process (see here) to address that bug (as well as a networking bug I was having) and streamline the templates (ie remove some of the cruft and make them smaller). Now that's out of the way (fixed boot issues and shaved nearly 70MB off the size of them) I have created a new batch of templates and am currently uploading them to SF. Sorry for the frustration and thanks again for your patience.

Important note:
Not all the default TKL firstboot scripts auto run now. I discovered that was the problem - the interactive scripts were waiting for user input, but there was no way to access them - thus causing it to hang on boot. To work around this I stopped all of the interactive scripts from autorunning. So now these scripts have to be run manually. I have created a little helper script to make this really easy.

So on first boot, to finish config it is advised that you run the init-ovz script to complete initialisation of your appliance. Do that like this:


Please also note that i have only been testing Core so it still may need some tweaking for the other appliances. I am fairly confident that it will work as expected though.

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Well it's been quite fast to fix, since I was less unprepared this time ;)

I stopped the process running the scripts, and run them manually from console: that fixed my installation.

Thanks for support!

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But not on the other one I administer (same templates & same PVE version). So I'm not sure what it is but I assumed that there was something wrong with that particular host. Some OVZ guests also display some other strange behaviour. I'm jumping to conclusions, but it seems interesting to me that you are experiencing the same thing with resolv.conf.

I don't understand exactly what the problem is, but internet doesn't work initially for the appliances on that host. On the PVE host that has problems I noticed that there seems to be something wrong with the resolv.conf file. The workaround involves deleting the file and IIRC I manually recreated it and all good after that.

Still, seems strange because the appliance templates work fine on the other PVE host I have.

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I just posted on the Turnkey Wiki the following Link that outlines what I think would be an Essential Turnkey Piece and something to really bring a great capability not just to the Community but perhaps to our collective economies....  I just don't know how to do the whole "package" build and would love some help.

I think the main elements are outlined on the Wiki.

How can I build this?  I have a short cuut in the 


However it is running TKL 11.1 and I don't think the OpenERP Module is really tied in TKL Package Wise  (in fact I am sure it is not).  Best would be A Package Manager built into the Appliance that allowed Bazaar Toggles being thrown..  I don't understand any of it in practical sense, but want to get this thing running.

Comments welcome!

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Looks like you've done some good initial research but despite the fact that I can see the potential merits, the likelihood of someone taking your info and turning it into an appliance at this stage seems unlikely anytime soon. I've had a quick browse over your links and found that a number of them don't work and some of the more straightforwad instructions are aimed at install on Windows (from what I can gather).

And with the upcoming release of Ubuntu 12.04 (which will be the basis for TKL v12.x) the TKL core devs will be very busy boys. Plus with the huge amount of already completed patches for addition to the TKL library, the likelihood of them having time to develop this themselves is probably slim to noe anytime soon.

That's not to say that someone else mightn't come along and do this is, but obviously you won't be able to rely on that either.

So bottom line is that if you want to see this done, then you're going to have to be willing to do what it takes to get it happening. You've made a good start with the documentation on the dev wiki, but I'd also be inclined to start a new thread in the 'general' section (although that's entirely up to you).

I think the next step would be to start trying to install it and get it working. If you carefully document every step then even if you hit a wall, someone else will have something to work with and you may even be able to get some assistance from others. Once you have it working as expected (at least basically) then try to get the process working directly from the commandline (still carefully documenting as you go). Once you get to that point a script to automate the process is really easy and by extension the creation of a TKLPatch is pretty straight forward. I'm happy to provide as much help as I can but I have a heap on at the moment and also have a lot of unfinished TKL projects that really need to be tidied up.

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Thanks Jeremy,

All the links were really from today so I will fix them on the WIKI when I get back to my laptop.

If there is a OpenERP appliance in the works it might help this process...   Still my issue will be just figuring out how to use the Source Control at Bazaar  (seems the support Git, Subversion and something else)...  Other than dowloading a Magento build blind with Subversion I am out of my element... particularly when it comes to defining branch recipies and the like.

Let me go over the old thread about building Magento from Patch (before TKL released the official one)...  might help.   The real problem with this approach is that the Patches really get stranded when an offical Ap comes out as there is not Migration path from Patch to Build,,, at least in my understandi

Thanks for your comment on this!

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Now that TKL have released official OVZ templates I have removed all the old ones hosted in the TKL Community Downloads SF account. I will continue to upload ISOs and OVZ templates of any appliances I build from patches.

As previously stated I am generally open to building and uploading patched appliance ISOs and templates as time allows, so feel free to post requests.

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I've been away for a while (very busy at work), and I come back to see what is going on in "TKL land" and see everyone has continued to push TKL onward and forward.  Great job guys!!!

I retired my PVE server, but I see it is time to bring it back!


-Todd Forsberg

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New versions of SimpleInvoices (v0.4) and Knowledgetree (v0.12) have been uploaded, both in ISO and OVZ format.

Testers and feedback (good or bad) very welcome.

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I need eihter an ISO or a VMWare build of a patch that is only in OVZ format.  Is this possible to simply convert.  Works fine on VBox but I am not really using Vbox.

Also, I have a Patch for OpenERP..  Worth posting somewhere?

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But OVZ templates are very cut down and are missing compnents that are required when running in other mediums. If you have the original patch it would probably be better to just apply the patch to the ISO directly (rather than try to create an ISO from the OVZ).

Unless of course you mean OVF?! Which your mention of VirtualBox makes me think you may mean (OVZ is an acronym for Open VirtualiZation and is a type of container virtualisation). OVF on the other hand is a config file for virtualisation platforms like VirtualBox and VMware products.

So if you are speaking of OVF then yes it can be done. Alon wrote a blog post about it sometime ago. It was for the old legacy version of TKL though so you may need to modify it.

As for your OpenERP appliance patch, sure post it here in the general section of the forums (new thread) and tag it with 'tklpatch'.

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I left it there but there but there is no support for it. I don't use it at all anymore so can't help sorry...
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Joomla questions right now need to go to the communities.  There are very many ways to set up joomla for downloads.  Personally I have used K2.

You also need to set up your general settings properly, and doing so it should work. (See Below).

K2 Download links are somewhat complicated.  To find them you need to mouse over the "downloadable file" link then "right click" copy URL Link address.  That should be correct.  I find them not particulary pretty.  The SEO link to the Page itself from which the download pulls is pretty clean however.

Lots of ways to host files for download on Joomla however.  Explore the extensions.  Perhaps something is built in these days that works well.  

I would also say, why have a direct link to a download anyway?  I think people often want to see the root of what they are pulling.  DropBox can be a a reasonable path with clean download links but all of these methods are can be unfriendly and spread malwear.  Having a "clean url" for a "file download" is not what folks want and I recomend against it.

Happy travels.


SEO Settings (in Global Configuration)



  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Use URL rewriting
  • Adds Suffix to URL
  • Unicode Aliases
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Like I said above...

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