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TKLPatch for Redmine VM - Redmine v1.3.2

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Hi all,

I've updated my original Redmine TKLPatch to install Redmine v1.3.2. Along with Redmine, Rails and Rack are also upgraded for compatibility reasons. 

I've tested this on my live VM (with tonnes of Redmine data in it!) and it applies fine. Although I've not yet tested applying it to an ISO I'd expect (hope?!) it also works in that context too.

Instructions/download link here: http://www.davidstephens.co.uk/2011/07/28/turnkey-linux-tklpatch-for-redmine-vm/

I've also created a GitHub repo for the patch, so if my blog ever dies (unlikely!) my hacky work will be preserved forever! It also means you should be able to install straight from my repo to your VM - full details in the GitHub repo page:


Comments/feedback appreciated!


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Thx, worked perfectly!

Just did it. Worked flawlessly. Thx.

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patch missing?

hmmm, found this through a search, I know it's from a while ago but the link to the patch no longer works.  Was there a copy somewhere?

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Your heart wasn't in it was it!? :p

I just had a quick look and on first appearances you are right (ie the link doesn't work) but on closer inspection the info (and patch) is still availale there. I have updated the original post with a direct link to the patch (and link to the site which still has all the info). Plus I have included the patch (split in 2 & instructions to rejoin it) and some info that may be relevant, all to avoid the possibility of further link rot.

Hope that helps.

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Hi all,

Apologies, a recent wordpress upgrade broke my blog and I hadn't realised. Will get it fixed up!

Also..I need to update the patch for Redmine 1.3. Watch this space :-)


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OK...blog now fixed, the

OK...blog now fixed, the original link works again.

Next stop...Redmine 1.3 :-)

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Awesome, thanks for fixing.

PS hope you didn't mind what I did. I think the link to your blog is all good, but it's nice to have the file(s) here too (just in case - we've lost some other good stuff in the past from link rot and/or sites going down).

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Nice.  I'll have a play with

Nice.  I'll have a play with this.  Redmine has had some things move pretty quickly and of course with the whole rails/rack jig moving along almost as fast (not personally convinced it needs to be quite as "upgrade everything at once" as it is, but that's a different story) and me still an utter newbie to the tkl patching thing it's nice to see this!

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Thanks, worked great... looking forward to 1.3!

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Redmine TKLPatch finally updated!

Hi all,

I finally pulled my finger out and updated the TKLPatch to install the latest and greatest version of Redmine. Applied it to my own production VM with no issues...Full details above!

Feedback appreciated...



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Issues applying patch to ISO

Hi Dave,

I just tried applying your patch (from your GitHib repo) to the (TKL Redmine v11.3) ISO and it failed. But after a quick glance at your patch I can see why.

For this to work when applied to an ISO (as opposed to a running system) MySQL needs to be started. Also the Apache restart isn't needed (when applied to an ISO). Also MySQL needs to be stopped again so the ISO regen doesn't fail.

I realise that your intention is for upgrading a currently installed system so these obviously aren't bugs, just observations of why this won't apply to an ISO (for your or anyone else's interest).

So I have forked your GitHub repo and modified your patch to work with an ISO. See https://github.com/JedMeister/TKLPatch-Redmine for my ever so slightly modified patch. I haven't extensively tested this but I just patched an ISO and it seemed to work. Thanks for doing the hard yards on this one.

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