TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library


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Any future ideas about a VM with a Glassfish experience?

Thanks in advance!


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AFAIK Glassfish is proprietry not open source

And TKL is oipen source only so unless they release as open source it's not going to happen. Sorry...

Having said that I recall someone making a TKLPatch for Glassfish I think so there's nothing stopping you from using that to make your own TKL Glassfish appliance. It was quite some time ago though so it may be too out of date to be useful.

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...if my (to come) twin daugthers let me...

As a noob, I dont really know the concept of GPL and Open Source, but when you access the link http://glassfish.java.net/downloads/3.1.1-final.html, you got the ideia of open source.

With your help, it would be an honour to make a TKL Content Management, Mysql, java, glassfish appliance.



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My apologies, looks like I was wrong

As for open source, it is basically a licence that allows for end users or developers access and modifcation of the source code. For further reading have a look at Wikipedia.

Thanks for clarifying that Glassfish is indeed available as open source. So if you wish to push forward an official Glassfish appliance then an updated patch would be a good start. Have a look at this page for some info to start with. It's for an older version but you may be able to modify and update it.

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