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OpenVista and Koha are two notoriously *WICKED* softwares to install. I am wondering if there is any plan to greate working ISOs of both of these as it will greatly simplify the installation process for those of us into installation. Guys pleeeeaaaassssseeee...... help here

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As far as I know there are no intentions for TKL to release wither of these as appliances. However if you have any notes on intalling to Ubuntu (current TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04) they may be useful and help push forward creation of said appliances, so please post.

Having said that, if you are really passionate about seeing these as official TKL appliances, please feel free to produce a TKLPatch and I am happy to use it to create unofficial appliances which I will upload to the TKL community downloads project on SourceForge.

Actually I just had a quick google and I think OpenVistA would be a great TKL appliance I think. TBH the install on Ubuntu looks quite straight forward. The easiest way would be to use the LAMP appliance as a base and install from here in these instructions. You may need to make some modifications (as they use a different SSH port and instructions are for if you are using a GUI).

Again Koha looks like great open source software that would be suitable as a TKL appliance but I didn't look closely at the install instructions. From a quick glance I would assume that again TKL LAMP would be a good starting point.

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