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Here ia an updated Dlna media server patch that now includes a simple webui .

Licence included in readme

Serviio is developed by Petr Nejedly who lives in London and works as a freelance Java consultant.

build notes

#!/bin/bash -ex
# By Alex Bassett

    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -y \
        -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confdef \
        -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confold \
        install $@

#Update package information
apt-get update

#Install Additional packages
install ffmpeg openjdk-6-jre-headless

#use wget for main package ( go to downloads page for new links )
tar xzf serviio-
rm serviio-

#Clean up any leftovers cruft
apt-get -y autoremove
apt-get clean

looks simple I hope

I also added a simple overlay script to start Serviio

# serviio.conf
# used to start serviio after networking starts
# start on started networking

description  "start on started networking"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]

exec /serviio-


I also added a start script for the webui.

# serviio-webui.conf
# used to start serviio-webui after serviio starts
# start on started networking

description  "start on started serviio"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]

exec /serviio-

The overlay also adds :


/serviiopatch/overlay/serviio- (an executable Jar file)


All default services stay un-touched as do usernames and passwords.

Included in the attached zip file is serviiopatch.tar.gz and a short read me which gives more details for the setup of the console in windows and linux , serviio console also works on Mac.

feed back is most welcome

Alex Bassett

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Seems this patch has a problem reported on this site with Ubuntu udev upgrade.

work around is  : echo udev hold | dpkg --set-selections

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More information on serviio can be found at :

The patch can be used on tkl-fileserver and tkl-torrentserver .

If you could be more specific on what information you need I will be able to help more .

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Hi Berny g

turnkey uses at the moment ubuntu lucid server as a base, my conf scripts install to /etc/init ( note no .d after init) .

I believe lucid uses the upstart system.

regards Alex

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I will be updating tklfileserver + serviio + webui when the tkl devs update to 12.04. hopefully then i will be able to get live tv  streaming working !

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I'm in the process of converting an old compact desktop into an HTPC (I'm using XBMC on Bodhi Linux at this stage and it's working sweet). And I'm thinking of having a backend server running, rather than just a file server. I also plan to have TV streaming from my server which runs ProxmoxVE (from what I've been reading MythTV backend seems to integrate with XBMC pretty well so was thinking of installing that into an OpenVZ container if I can get the PCI passthrough working ok).

But then I thought I'd have a bit more of a look at Serviio too. I like the idea of having options and Android devices (at this point there are 2 phones and a tablet at home) seem to work well with DLNA (apparently). It looks really nice and I think it's fantastic that you've made this patch. Only thing is, that although it's free, it's not actually open source (see licence here).

That doesn't make it a problem to produce a patch to share with others, but it does mean that it is unlikely to be released as an official TKL appliance. That was a dissapointing discovery I must say. I was really hoping to take advantage of your work.

The only open source software that I found that seems close is PS3 Media Server. But it doesn't have a nice WebUI (only a basic Admin WebUI). It seems some community members have been playing with that, but I couldn't (yet) find one that is polished and stable. Also while it seems quite good and the development seems very active, it also seems quite fragmented (as open source can be some times when very community orientated and not lead by a company) with multiple community versions with different tweaks and bug fixes, many which seem not to be making it back into the 'official' version.

So Alex, I was wondering a couple of things. Firstly have you played with PMS at all? If so what were/are your thoughts on it? Whilst Serviiio looks like an ideal piece of software, seeing as it probably won't be released officially, would you consider looking at PSM (or something else) as a DLNA media server? I'd really love to see your work pay off and be released as an official appliance (and get the recognition you deserve for development)? Any other thoughts?

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Thanks Jeremy for your intrest in my Serviio patch , I have played with PS3 media server and found the same Ui problems as you did , I also found it very finicky towards codecs and playback of certain files. 

One idea i have had is to try XBMC as a front end  inside TKL  fileserver or maybe TKL core  running miniDLNA as the backend .  XBMC has an option to use hardware acceleration from a gpu to lower cpu usage.

I may need to have another look round the net to see if there are any other DLNA server sources i could try to use .

Leave it with me and i will have a hack about with different sources

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