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I'm a newbie to AWS and Turnkey Linux and just setup my first instance this weekend. 


I'm using Google App standard for email and normally never have problem with the verifying ownership process, either with Txt or .Html.  But of course this is the first time I attempted with AWS. 


I updated the DNS/Txt this afternoon and the domain still cannot be verified.  I also uploaded the .html to root and www but that didn't work. 


Can someone point me in the right direction? 


Many Thanks!

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Can you  browse to your website using the domain name ok? If not then I reckon that's your problem. Otherwise I'm not aware of  special that needs to be done.

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Thank you for the reply, Jeremy. 


Yes, I can browse to my site using the domain name just fine.  So it nromally takes this long to verify the domain name with AWS?  Is there anywhere else I should upload the .html to? 

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