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Will Mysql 5.5 be supported in the upcoming Turnkey 12.0?

How can I update turnkey 11.3 mysql 5.1 to mysql 5.5. Before I use Mysql 5.5 for my apps and development and when I migrate to turnkey 11.3 with mysql 5.1 for the live server, I run into all sorts of compatibility issues with 5.1 store procudures and I need to update to version 5.5 to fix my issues. Any easy way to do this?

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It looks like it has MySQL 5.5.2 as the default MySQL package (it also still has 5.1.x but that is in the universe repo). So I would imagine that 5.5.2 will be the MySQL version that will ship with all TKL v12.0 appliances that include MySQL.

As for installing 5.5 into TKL v11.3 I have written a couple of times on a similar desire (except it was Apache rather than MySQL). You have a few choices:

  • Install from source - probably the most stable way to go, but is also the most labour intensive and will require a rebuild (from source) everytime a security bug is discovered in MySQL (assuming that your server is web exposed).
  • Install Install MySQL v5.5.x .debs from Precise/12.04 - This is probably the easiest way to go, but may take a bit of mucking around as there may be dependancies unsatisfied by Lucid/10.04, so all of them will also need to be downloaded and installed. This will also require manual updates as security issues are resolved (dependancies may also need to be updated).
  • Adding the Precise/12.04 repo and pinning the packages - This will take a bit of mucking around to set up but would probably be the most maintenance friendly once configured. If you also add the Precise/12.04 security repo to the TKL security sources.list then auto security updates will take care of updates as per usual. Pinning can introduce issues though if you don't get it right (can lead to a completely broken system).

Both of the 2nd 2 options contain the inherant risk of issues or instability because you are mixing packages from 2 different versions of Ubuntu. In practice it may not be a problem, but who knows...?

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TKL is now Debian based. v12.x is based on Debian 6/Squeeze which (still obviously) includes MySQL 5.1. The next version of TKL (v13.x) will be based on Debian 7/Wheezy. There is no firm release date and the devs are currently working on other things (that they want to release prior to v13.x - such as transferring issue traking to GitHub and the development of TKLDev build infrastructure) so there is no clear timeframe. However I'm sure it will be released this year (at least I hope it will...)

In the meantime you are left with the same 3 (or similar options) as to what I posted above... Just replace "Ubuntu 12.04/Precise" with "Debian 7/Wheezy". If you really need MySQL 5.5, personally I would be included to pin the MySQL 5.5 packages to the Wheezy repo but that's your call.

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I tried to install from source, but when I open cmake to add the other mysql options i was utterly lost. I just stop there because I have to install other stuff I guess to get it to show the options i needed. Man still to new to linux.

Can you can point me to how to add the Precise/12.04 repo list to apt. It seems as you suggest will be the easiest way to go.

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But this is not something to be done lightly. Giving you an easy route to do that is likely to open up a whole can of worms for you (and anyone else who randomly tries it, and me by extension). Installing from source can be painful, but it is much less likely to leave you with a system that won't work. I'll give you a few pointers, but realy you probably should be doing some reading so you understand what you are doing, rather than just following some commands which may or may not work.

If you wish to persevere with the 3rd option then I can suggest you search the Ubuntu wiki for the page on 'Pinning' and have a good read until you understand it (google might also be helpful). Then add the precise repo and pin MySQL 5.5 (and any other required dependancies) to it.

Otherwise you can follow the link I gave you above and download the relevant .deb packages and install with 'dpkg -i <packagename>'. You will probably find that you will need to download and install other packages (because they are dependancies). It may go on adnausium and can result in what is commonly called 'dependancy hell'. Whilst the 'easiest' way, the process will be time consuming, probably frustrating and perhaps even fruitless in the end (you may reach a point where to install a package you may need to remove core OS components which will destroy your system).

So despite the fact that I used the term 'easiest', none of this should be considered easy and I can't guarantee it will actually work, and if it does I can't guarantee that the other components of your TKL server will still work as expected. Installing from source is probably the only way to guarantee that (or waiting for TKL v12.0).

Sorry I can't be more precise.

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I have downloaded the new TKLv12.0 rc iso but in the repo list it still show mysql 5.1 install packets and no 5.5. Thats why I ask if 5.5 will be included. Likely I fix the incompatibility issues on my store procedures in mysql so I was not force to upgrade to 5.5. I guess I will have to wait for TKL v12.0. 

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I meant the Ubuntu based TKL v12.0. The current TKL v12.0beta is Debian based. You will need to wait for the Ubuntu based v12.0 (which will be built on Ubuntu Precise/12.04). I'm not sure exactly when it will be released but the stable Ubuntu release will be in about a month. Hopefully the TKL Ubuntu based v12.0 will be released soon after.

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Any news about this subject? tkl 12 mysql is comes with 5.1 and i know there is 5.5 debian mysql released. Any reason to not do upgrade from 5.1 to 5.5? Is it safe using apt-get to install if its possible?

Thank you

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I must have missed this post...

Bottom line is that only 5.1 is available from the Squeeze (basis of TKL v12.x) repos. 5.5 is in the Wheezy repos (which will be the basis of TKL v13.x). So in the meantime you have the same 3 options I posted above (except replace "Ubuntu 12.04/Precise" with "Debian 7/Wheezy). If I wanted 5.5 personally I'd probably pin it to the Wheezy repo...

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i want some more info about sql 5.1


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Its good for you but i dont think this is the right place to cover your question.

Let me suggest : http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/

Here you go :)

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