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VBox shared folders vs Windows shares (accessed with CIFS/Samba)

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A new thread to continue discussion from over here re the virtues of VirtualBox shared folders as oposed to using SMB/CIFS (Windows native/Samba file shares).

To sumarise debate so far: Neil suggested/requested that VBox tools be included in TKL VM images because he likes to use the VBox shared folders feature to access folders from his host (Windows) machine. I suggested that accessing a Windows share on the host machine (suing cifs - which is a part of Samba) acheives the same ends...

Is that a fair round up Neil?

Bottom line is that I know that it's 'horses for courses' and I'm not saying using VBox shares is bad or anything, just that i think it is extra work for no extra functionality (in a server environment anyway). Obviously you disagree Neil! :)

If anyone else wants to put their 2c in too, please feel free.

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Vbox shares

@Jeremy. Yes it's a fair roundup. @L. Arnold. Agree it is a box of worms!

The purpose of a Turnkey fileserver VM running under Vbox on Windows would be to enable what a 'normal' Windows system does not permit ie limitless access to shares.

If you are going to run a VM then I think you should use the facilities of VMware/Vbox to supply 'locally' whatever resources the VM needs. So if Vbox has a facility to make available (to the VM) host disk space (outside of allocated virtual disk)  then one should use that rather than the slightly contrived expedient of mounting a Windows share on the host system. But it is a moot point - either method will work ok.

For you Turnkey folks I suppose life would just get a bit too tricky if you have to cater for various flavours of VM hosting systems. Already there's quite a range of download options.

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