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A new thread to continue discussion from over here re the virtues of VirtualBox shared folders as oposed to using SMB/CIFS (Windows native/Samba file shares).

To sumarise debate so far: Neil suggested/requested that VBox tools be included in TKL VM images because he likes to use the VBox shared folders feature to access folders from his host (Windows) machine. I suggested that accessing a Windows share on the host machine (suing cifs - which is a part of Samba) acheives the same ends...

Is that a fair round up Neil?

Bottom line is that I know that it's 'horses for courses' and I'm not saying using VBox shares is bad or anything, just that i think it is extra work for no extra functionality (in a server environment anyway). Obviously you disagree Neil! :)

If anyone else wants to put their 2c in too, please feel free.

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I use VMWare, so I would want an easy way to access those shares.  There are many other VM systems with similar issues.

I think, though, with VMWare you can set up a share access in the Machine Setup.  The next step would be for the Linux Build to see those drives.

What would be good, in general though, would be more "how to's" on the Turnkey site about how to actually Use the Different Applications.  How to use CIFS and Samba, how o Add a new HD to the Setup.  I realize that most of this info is out there (elsewhere) but the specifics of how to do this and that in a Turnkey, consistently built system, would be helpful for everyone.

Perhaps that statement comes around to the type of thing Neil is asking for, but, likely Neil's request, and my VMWare desire, are more of a fork.

More Documentation, FAQ's, Videos etc on Turnkey Specifics would be great.  Maybe a way for users at least to be posting this.. integrating into some part of the site.  

My 2 c anyway.

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