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ejabberd modules installed ??

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I just want to know/confirm which modules where installed and know if the all the default features are installed?

Like BOSH ?





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Check ejabberd.cfg

You will find an "installed modules" section in the ejabberd.cfg file located usually in /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg. Enabling a module usually just requires uncommenting or add the name of the "mod_xxx" that you want and providing the additional parameters it needs.

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Restful_api Module

I am trying to install Restfull Module that isn't included in the list. And I am also unable to find the location where I should put the Module source code. 

Please explain.




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Restful_api Module

You have to compile the module before using it.IF  you are using mod_rest from the ejabberd contribution repository then under the mod_rest folders trunk folder there is a build script which when executed will give you "mod_rest.beam" It will be in the ebin folder.
You can copy this into your ejabberd directory's  lib/ebin/ folder.

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