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Hi I spend about $120 per month with linode at the moment for 3 servers.

I have setup an amazon account and have also signed up with turnkey hub. It was great to be able to easily provision my server but im not sure what further benefits i will have by paying for turnkey hub.. I did sign up for the 14 day trial of something that allowed me to use ebs volumes.

I host around 40 sites for customers.

I also sell a software package that im in the final processes of converting to be a web based application.

What I want to do is

Have a single server for my customers, my own websites and my web app.
I want this server to be able to burst to whatever CPU/IO needs it has and to be only charged extra when its using these extra resources. It should be based on debian. 

I also want to use cloudfront to cache all my data close to AU. 


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But I'm way too much of a cloud/AWS newb to be able to help you in regards to your questions. Hopefully someone else here who has much more experience than me will be able to help you out with the specifics of your questions re setup.

As to what further benefits there are to using the Hub, a big one for me (and others) is TKLBAM. It allows you to have small automated backups which you can restore OOTB into a new instance. EBS volume back instances also have the benefit of snapshots (although personally I'd still use TKLBAM as a backup).

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