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Hi all,

I'm working on a TLKPatch that installs PageKite and adds its configuration options to the Configuration Console. It's meant for any appliance based on TurnKey Linux 12.0 with HTTP(S) and/or SSH servers. PageKite gets the appliance on the Internet, even if it's behind NAT, and automatically adds SSL encryption to existing HTTP servers.

About PageKite
PageKite is a dynamic, tunneled reverse proxy. It connects localhost servers to the Internet and gives them a public name. The front-end relay has a public IP address which can accept incoming requests on behalf of your localhost server.

PageKite is a Free Software project with both the client and server code licensed under the AGPL3 license. Users are free to either run their own front-end relay(s) or use relays provided by Users of the relay service are required to sign up at to get a DNS name and bandwidth quota.

See for more details.
Here is a first rough version, The modifications I made to the Configuration Console are also here,, forked from the original repository.
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Looks like a cool project and thanks for posting a patch. I'll have a look when I get a chance.

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Nice project I have tested it.

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