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The restriction which many companies are facing in mass mailing is that they want the emails to be sent from a single domain or via its subdomain. Hence the limitation by the SMTP relays which force the companies to approach mass mail solution providers like mailchimp and ConstantContact.
Now what if I have to sent mass mail to almost 1 million id's and I am not limited by that above factor of sending from a single domain? For me the emails has to see the inbox of those 1 million id'and I am at the liberty to use any number of domains. Is there a solution which somebody could suggest and its   cost effectiveness.
A solution will be appreciated.
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Provided you have done the right preparations you can send as many emails as you wish from Turnkey out of the box.

The devs have also added a great package called PHPList which manages email newsletters.

I would warn you though that your list needs to be legit, too many complaints and you will be blacklisted.

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