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What makes VM build is more special than the generic one ? From the documentation page, i know that the VM build use kernel that is optimized for virtual environment, and also had VMWare-tools installed. But, i'm just curious whether the VM build has more better performance than the generic one..

So, here's some simple benchmark using geekbench. First, for Turnkey-core generic ISO:

econd, for Turnkey-core vmdk build:

As you can see, there's essentially no differenece whatsoever in the performance. Of course, since the benchmark set is so limited, i can't say that those numbers represent the actual performance of the system.

I'm interested to see the numbers (benchmark, tests) from Turnkey developer about the difference between generic iso, and vmdk build.


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AFAIK the main rationale for the alternative builds is end user convienience rather than performance optimisation. All the different builds come from exactly the same source with the exception of the kernel and vmware-tools.

If you have some ideas for optimisation then feel free to post them; either here or in the Wiki.

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