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Hi I am new to Turnkey and would like to use it for my Subsonic Music system  but I don't see any way of loading a .deb file. is anybody using Turnkey with Subsonic?.


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If the deb is available online then simply:

wget http://url-of-thepackage.com/package.deb
dpkg -i package.deb

You may get error messages relating to unmet dependancies but take note of them and try installing like this:

apt-get update # only need to run this once!
apt-get install missing-package

and then rerun the dpkg line from above...

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I have a tklpatch for subsonic. The ISO is not available at the moment, but you should be able to follow the steps in my patch and end up with a very usable system.

My patch source is in github: https://github.com/tssgery/subsonicapp

The patch file itself is tklpatch/subsonicapp/conf

Have you compared and contrasted subsonic with ampache? There are elements of both I like. I very much dislike that subsonic wants to tax me for streaming from my server to my devices, however.

Nevertheless, great work. Another possible for schools looking for text to speech solutions.

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