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I've been diving into centralized logging quite a bit recently, for home and work. One thing that really bugs me is finding a really good solution that's fairly straight forward to install. I've found Kabana and I like the gui, find it quite easy to manage and customize, but it's a REAL pain to install. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I have to install elasticsearch, LogStash (which is a pain in itself) and then Kabana. Everything has to be setup just so, or there are some funky errors. I've only managed to get it working lately as I usually don't have the right package, or a link is missing, or something else is small.

So my request is to see if the fine folks at TurnKey can do something like this as a distro? I know I'm not the only one out there having this big of an issue.

Thank you all and Happy Holidays!

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Some timee ago a number of community members were talking about it, but I don't think anything ver got released. Did you document your install? If so posting it here (or somewhere) might be useful in development toward an official appliance...

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There has been plenty of discussion but no one has actually built it yet sorry...

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