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Email archiving solution

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Hello everyone, 

I wonder what you would suggest as a TKL solution to archive email. I have a couple of IMAP mail accounts which I want to close down, but I still want to access the emails remotely (so a local copy is not what I want). There is no standalone TKLBAM IMAP server that I could use for that purpose, is there? (Maybe I overlooked it). Zimbra would work but it is a big too much for the purpose (I just want to store my email). Ideas?



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Email archiving solution


Try Enkive  enkive.org

Let me know how it works for you.


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Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the suggestion. I had a look at Enkive, and it looks great as an enterprise archiving solution for searching a great number of emails. However, I would like to preserve the folder structure of my IMAP accounts. That's why I don't import them into gmail (gmail's support for folders is abysmal, tagging is just not the same as a structured folder system). What would be enough for me is a backend that supports IMAP directly. I guess a simple IMAP server would be sufficient, but ideally, I don't want to set one up myself, but rather use an appliance maintained by people who are more able than me in this regard. http://www.citadel.org is a great solution, but adds to much overhead that I don't need and that often gets in the way...


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AFAIK the short answer is no

Currently there is no lightweight, simple TKL appliance that I am aware of to fulfill your desire.

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enkive & impa

we support imap structure.  Did you vcvisit the wiki? http://wiki.enkive.org/index.php/IMAP_Access_Feature

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Year and month is not enough...

Thanks for the info, but it says "Email messages will appear in folders arranged by year and month". That's not what I need - I need to preserve the folder structure as it was in the accounts that I need to archive. Otherwise, all the context of the emails would be lost.  I find it strange that this is not a very common use case: for example, you have a project where a lot of "conversations" happen simultaneously, but they couldn't be grouped together by any other metatdata than the folder they're in. Year and month really doesn't help.

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Thanks for your answers! To have an IMAP server coupled with the awesome TKLBAM systen would be marvelous for my purposes but also for others who simply want to set up an email server. I won't be able to contribute one, unfortunately, but maybe someone can produce such an appliance eventually. 

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I came across Piler (http://www.mailpiler.org/en/index.html), maybe this could be worth a try.

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