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I have modified Turnkey Core to have android SDK for anyone who wants to start programming in android immediately. Also since the android drivers in windows don't work at all on most phones this is a quick way to view the logcat in the adb shell.

Would anyone want this as a Turnkey destro?


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Why not!?

Nice work. I personally don't have a use for it (I'm not that techy...) but surely others might!?

Do you create a TKLPatch? If so perhaps put it up on GitHub (and post the link) or even just tar.gz it up and attach here (you'll need to edit your OP as files can only be attached to first post of a thread).

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Not sure how to put it up here but here is the links for the download.


Part 1
Part 2

-~Time is under your feet~-

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Jeremy can you give me some info on how to create a TKLPatch?

-~Time is under your feet~-

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Nice work Nick! :)

Creating a patch is a little work but not too much. It's basically just an install script and/or overlay files that adjust an ISO to be a new appliance. Have a read of the docs here: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/tklpatch

Any specific questions please ask and hopefully I'll be able to answer! :)

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Android SDK - broken rar archive - CRC error

Hello Nick,

thank you for the SDK but i can't extract it without CRC errors. Redownloaded the files,

but no sucess. Error message:

Portable-PC:~/Downloads/temp$ unrar e data-anonfiles-1362687057855.rar
UNRAR 4.00 beta 3 freeware Copyright (c) 1993-2010 Alexander Roshal

Extracting from data-anonfiles-1362687057855.rar

Extracting README.txt OK
Extracting turnkey-core-12.0-x86-Android.vmdk 57%
turnkey-core-12.0-x86-Android.vmdk : packed data CRC failed in volume data-anonfiles-1362687057855.rar

Extracting from data-anonfiles-1362687057856.rar

... turnkey-core-12.0-x86-Android.vmdk 99%
turnkey-core-12.0-x86-Android.vmdk - CRC failed
Extracting turnkey-core-12.0-x86-Android.vmx OK
Total errors: 1

Also the unrar-free version brought the same results. Pleae can you check from your side if the filese

where ok?


Thank you!

rgds filou


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use winrar

Just checked it worked for me. I used winrar to unrar the files. If you still are having problems let me know.

-~Time is under your feet~-

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winrar crc errors

Hello Nick,

did you tried the files from anonfiles.com download? Do you have a checksum?

Downloads from your posted links:

Part 1 400,0 MB (419.430.400 Bytes)

Part 2  300,4 MB (314.937.131 Bytes)

~/Downloads/temp$ md5sum *.rar
1dfb24231387edae92f62bdcc2ac387b 1362687057855.rar
a3c22003c8bcfc426560e783008849f2 1362689480910.rar

I received these error messages by extracting the files with wirar 3.93 on a winxp system:

Winrar 3.93
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\1362687057855.rar: Packed data CRC failed in turnkey-core-12.0-x86-Android.vmdk. The volume is corrupt
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\1362687057856.rar: CRC failed in turnkey-core-12.0-x86-Android.vmdk. The file is corrupt

Also tried to repair the archive, but without suscess.

rgds filou


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VM for Cyanogenmod ?

Would it make sense to have a virtual machine with Cyanogenmod (Android) ?

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VM for Cyanogenmod

Hello Klausz,

i'm not familiar with Android at all. Still use a old mobile, no smartphone.

For me it would make sens, as long i can use one of the Android apps without google chrome installed or similar.

rgds filou


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