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Unfortunately, I am new with both ruby on rails and turnkey. I tried my best to configure redmine(ruby based PM tool) on linux debian but failed badly. I came to know about turnkey virtual applicance and thought it would be a good option to enable redmine with all configurations intact. I have already downloaded the applicance and import it in VM Player and completed the installation after booting. It has given me the URL's for web, webshell etc. In normal installation after successful configuration we can access redmine at the url: http://<IP>/redmine but I am still unable to understand that how we will be able to access this from turnkey. Can anyone please tell me about this as I am now completely fedup and looking like standing at a closing end.

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Hi Ali,

there is nothing like 'turnkey access'. The concept - of all turnkey appliances - is:

  • no gui environment (like gnome, kde...)
  • enabled ssh access
  • configuration of the tools (like redmine) via http using the (at boot- or install time configured admin account)

So initialization of a new project has to be done via ssh. Once the project is there, you use the http access for creating tickets, connecting your scm and so on.

There are a lot of tutorials out there, take a look.



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TBH I am not familiar with the Redmine appliance, but it uses Apache as the web server (TKL apps often do) so you'll need to edit the 'site' file /etc/apache2/sites-available/redmine

Probably best to start a new thread. Do that and I'll give you a few pointers... :)

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