since two years I am using the Turnkey hub for saving and and checking the backups of my websites. In this time, I paid normally less than 50 Cent per month for that. This is a really good price. But now Amazon charges me with a monthly fee of $10 for the cloud service. This is much more than the cost for a regular server space.  

Is there a way to use the Turnkey hub without this the monthly Amazon fee?

Best regards.

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If you aren't running any servers then you should be able to cancel the Pay-per-use plan (which is $10/mth). Log into your Hub account. Click "EC2 Accounts" (roughly in the middle, top right of page). Click "Cancel"  next to "Pay-per-use" plan. Then follow the "Cancel service on Amazon Payments" instructions in the pop-up. Obviously make sure you don't cancel TKLBAM if you wish to continue using it.

Thank you for this information. Unfortunately I have to test my backups sometimes on a server. I do this once a month in order to be sure that they work properly on the Turnkey hub. If I wouldn't use a server, I couldn't be sure about that.  

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(Just pay Amazon charges...) Another option is to test on a local VM... The third option OTTOMH is that the $10/mth is pro rata so you could cancel it and just enable it when you want to test and then cancel it again straight after.

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