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I am trying to figure out soluation for a client of mine who provides webhosting services for about a 1000 people with each having their own subdomain, mail and some website space. Their current software is super old and they would like to transistion into something like wordpress.


Does anyone run such a solution with wordpress currently ? If so how does it work for you. Any comments, suggestions ?



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But you'll have some work to do... There are instructions floating around to set up a WordPress multisite (which can be configured for subdomains) but it depends on how much control each user wants/needs for their site. I'm sure it's possible but nothing OOTB.

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If this is not something people do, what would you recommend with a turnkey solution ?

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The options OTTOMH would be

1) What you suggested (starting with the WordPress appliance) and then editing it to support multisite (sub-domain).


2) Starting with the LAMP appliance and installing multiple instances of WP (using Apache virtual hosts). This option will require more server resources and a fair bit of config (you'll need to define a vhost for each one - although I'd set up a config script so when you create a new user it creates and enables a new vhost and WP install). On the plus side, each WP install will be independant and separate.

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