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I have made my very first effort to install Oracle XE 11g on TKL.

Because Oracle XE doesn't fullfill following requirements you have set for a TurnKey appliance:

  • Open source (Oracle XE is not)
  • No proprietry software, binaries, database dumps, etc (Oracle XE is only available as a ready made binary (RPM) package)
  • Compliance with the Debian Policy and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) (Oracle XE is targetted to run on Oracle Linux)

I don't expect it never to be a part of the official appliance family even Oracle claims that Oracle XE is:

It's [Oracle XE] free to develop, deploy, and distribute; fast to download; and simple to

But I have not read the license (and even if I had read it I might have not understood the legal jargon).

However I have found a slim Oracle XE installation very useful as I'm currently working with Oracle technologies.

Also Oracle provides virtual machine images including Oracle XE database, but those packages are often bloated.

Because of the unclear licensing and a few unresolved technical issues (I'm not an unix nor Oracle admin) I have made a decision that the virtual appliance doesn't include Oracle XE out-of-the box but rather provides a ready made platform where installation of Oracle XE is very easy from the end user point of view.

I'll address the technical issues in other posts.

Appliance TKLDev sources with instructions how to install Oracle XE are available in GitHub:


Ready made ISO image is available for download:


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Then it doesn't matter too much. I haven't read their licence agreement, but if it is for personal and/or internal use then having it install Oracle XE is probably not an issue. Depending on the licence it may even be possible to include it for distribution (but obviously it won't be able to be distributed as FOSS). It may even be possible to work around the licence by building the appliance to install Oracle XE on firstboot? I imagine that as long as the end user agrees to the licence then it may be ok...?

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