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I have an old turnkey install of Redmine 0.8.4 stable which I would like to update.  I have Redmine 2.3.3 on Turnkey 12.1 installed on new hardware.  My question is how on earth do I get the data from the old one to the new one?  I have, after some digging, come to the conclusion that the differences between the versions is so great that it will have to be a very manual process.

I don’t want to work the steps out on a live server, and so would like to build another 0.8.4 version box to work with.  Can I get a copy of the ISO for the original 2009.10 version anywhere?

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Unless another user happens to have one laying around somewhere and is happy to upload it for you. Previously it was possible to start 'legacy' appliances through the TKL Hub (but IIRC that was only for the previosu release...) but that has been removed as of v12.1 release. I think that the devs have plans to reimplement that once the v13 release, but don't hold me to that...

So where does that leave you? Well here is my 2c... Please note that I do not, nor have ever used Redmine, but I am fairly handy when it comes to Linux...

Here's what I probably try to do. Note I would highly recommend that you carefully document everything that you do. This will allow you to keep your current instance running (and useable) right up until the point that everything is running sweet on a shiney new TKL v12.1 appliance.

  1. Manually backup your current Redmine data (thus not damaging or interupting your current appliance).
  2. Create a local VM and install Remine 1.x (possibly a painful process, but if using a local VM environment it's easy to create a snapshot so you can spend some time mucking around in the next step without having to redo it if something goes wrong).
  3. Import and restore your Remine data, get that running nicely and then manually export that data.
  4. Create a local TKL v12.1 Redmine instance.
  5. Import and restore your Redmine data, get that running nicely.
  6. Check, check and triple check that everything works as expected...
  7. Once you are happy then you can do your real migration (assuming that you'll need to). Just repeat your above steps, following your notes (inc restoring your Redmine 1.x VM snapshot).

Also this link looks like it may be handy in assisting you manually backing up your current instance and migrating the data to the Redmine 1.x VM. Also here is the current documentation on upgrading to Remine 2.x (I assume from 1.x but it doesn't explicitly say...)

Also it may be worth searching thoroughly on the Redmine forums for additional pointers. If you get stuck that is probably also the place to post to get assistance. You may be lucky and get someone here to help you out, but I wouldn't bank on it...

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