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The Raspberry Pi should be supported, because you can run small Websites or small Databases on it


Who also wants Raspberry Support, write a comment down below

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An ARM build has been on the 'todo' list for a long time, but keeps getting pushed back. One of our community members (Rik Goldman) actually installed (a hacked) copy of TKL on one.

Now that we have TKLDev and appliance sources on GitHub it shouldn't be that hard to do...

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Get's my vote, there's growing momentum behind the Raspi.

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We haven't heard back from Rik for a while so not really sure where he got to with this... AFAIK neither Alon nor Liraz (the core devs) are currently working on it. It would be super awesome though!

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I'm itching to work on this and I have a bunch of Pis around. Most of the work could be done in qemu, which can simulate a Pi faster than real-time if I'm not mistaken.

The only problem is that my plate is pretty full at the moment so I don't know when I'll get to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I started having a look at it a while ago and got quite close but I couldn't get it to boot. But that was based on v13.0 (Debian Wheezy).

I think the idea of a wiki page is a good one. Perhaps we should start one on the GitHub tracker. Or perhaps we should just start a new issue on the tracker and track progress there??

Regardless, IMO we will need to tweak TKLDev to make this work. Have a look at a bit of research/fiddling that I have done previously.

To quickly summarise what we'll need to do:

  • tweak TKLDev to support QEMU (so you can do non-native chroot)
  • create ARM bootstrap
  • create ARM buildroot (to build ARM arch TurnKey deb packages)
  • build TKL debs
  • build and test ARM core
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    I just wanted to flag the fact that Yannick (a TurnKey community member) has built "experimental" TurnKey RPi builds. If you can, it'd be awesome if any/all of you could test these out and see how they go. Please post any feedback in that thread.

    Please note that these builds only support RPi 4 (none of the other models, RPi 400 is a RPi 4, built into a keyboard).

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