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Is there any way to compile smbfs as a module in the kernel? I did a 'make menuconfig' and it shows cifs. I checked online and and found out that smbfs is now deprecated and instead replaced by cifs. Is cifs backward compatible with smbfs? I need to set up a smb share with an old system which has kernel version 2.4 running smbfs (smb version 1). Is there any way i can achieve this?


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LTS 10.04 is supported until April 2015. You could use the kernel smbfs module that comes with linux-image 2.6.32. But you need to compile or use Samba 3.0.xx for Ubuntu to get the smbfs mount utils. I have ported the sernet Debian Sama 3.0.37 package for Lucid amd64. let me know if you are interested.

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