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Hi everyone, my name is Sam. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.

I am stopping by these forums to let you know about a project I have been working on, called Pixeom. I think many of you would find it interesting, and I would be very interested to hear your feedback on it.

Yes, it’s a Kickstarter, and yes it would mean the world to me if you pledged to it, but that is not the primary reason I am here. Since this is the General section of this forum, I wanted to reach out to the community here and talk to you more about your thoughts on my project.

The link is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pixeom/pixeom-the-personal-exchange-device

I want to build a company around this personal cloud device that provides more utility than just accessing your files, with an emphasis on privacy. The device also grows as one large storage pool instead of storage islands that you need to manage. It is currently powered by a Raspberry Pi and OpenStack.

What I was hoping to hear more about from you guys is not only if a product like this would appeal to you, but also more about how you currently manage your personal data. Do you guys prefer paying for a Dropbox subscription? Or are you ok with managing multiple external hard drives?

Thanks guys, I look forward to your responses!


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But please explain to me how your post isn't spam?

How does it relate to Turnkey Linux beyond the fact that it runs Linux? I note that this is your first post here and beyond spruking your product and asking for some feedback I'm not really sure that it fits... I guess I would feel differently if you had been here contributing for a while...

One of my biggest concerns with your device is the licencing. Is this an open source product? Is your software open (I suspect not considering the lack of the use of the words "open source" on your kickstarter page...) Don't get me wrong, your device looks cool and many of the current options that would potentially be competitors aren't open either. But to me, the only way a device can be secure to the level you are claiming is when it is open source...

So not quite what you were asking for, there's my 2c...

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