I already have a LAMP Server being used for my intranet site.  I would also like to move our messaging in-house but I'm wondering if PHPlist and LAMP will co-exist without fighting with each other.  If someone could clue me in or let me know if they have attempted this.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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But generally it should be possible. It depends how your current setup is running really. I can't really start to give any advice until I know what approach you wish to take and how your current LAMP appliance is configured.

Assuming you are running bare metal

Personally I like the route of hypervisor (Proxmox is my favourite) and then run each appliance as an individual OpenVZ container (OpenVZ containers run very close to bare metal performance) then everything is completely separated so if anything goes wrong with your LAMP then it won't affect PHPList and vice-versa.

However now that TKL have released TKL-LXC that is another direction that you could go (use TKL LXC containers on the TKL-LXC host appliance). This will in effect give you a similar end point to using Proxmox - LXC is very similar to OpenVZ. Unfortunately I can't offer much help there as I am yet to have a decent play with TKL-LXC yet...

But either of these will required that you reinstall the host OS of choice (i.e. Proxmox/TKL-LXC/or some other option) then reinstall LAMP and PHPList as containers (you could use TKLBAM to migrate from the old to the new LAMP).

Assuming you are already running a hypervisor

Then there should be no issue at all. It should be as simple as creating a new TKL-PHPList container/VM and away you go...! :)

Assuming that you want to install PHPList to your LAMP appliance

If you want to go this route then you will need to install PHPList (from upstream) into a sub directory of your LAMP appliance. It should still work fine, but if you use TKLBAM and want it to include PHPList in your backups you will need to tweak that a little...

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