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I hope this is the right place to start?

I am new to turnkey..

I presently have a rackablesystems Intel sp5000pls with two dual xeon processors I think 5140s
8888 MegaRaid Lsi card that presently holds 6 terabytes in a raid 5 config....the software will be installed on a two terabyte sata drive locally sata 0......themega raid is expandable to 16 terabytes if i stay with
2 terabyte disks .. This Rackable systems is a real server not a desktop converted ...its a generation old .

very fast and is running very well

8 gig of ram at the present expandable to 32g  ... I have load centos 6.5 on this machine and I have also loaded Ubuntu as well just to play around with.....But now I am ready to find the setup I plan to use..

I want to be able to have a media server such as i have with my little qnap ts 410...I love the layout in the new software 4.1......and the phone apps are in theory awesome...but i am unable to have a website and it cannot process fast enough...also it doesnt seem to be able to handle my music collection which is approaching a takes a week to process just thumbnails for albums and trying to assemble it in a phone app just doesnt do well....

So hence this is why I bought the rackable used system which I have put back running..
it can handle anything i throw at it...

Also this will give us all a chance to see statistics and other interesting facts about the performance

turnkey will have on this machine a real tried and true RackableSystem...

So this is where I need help..

how do i start? which instalation do i choose and then what packages do i install to make her lean and mean..

I think i have made the right iso and in the process of trying her out..

any help would be appreciated I am completly new to Turnkey

But i have already turned the key..Lol Hahahahaha


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Ok my first attempt at installing from is failed ..there was an error loading grub..

I chose to use the entire disk space on the local drive ..So not for sure what is wrong?


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For starters, IMO it would be a waste to install an OS direct to bare metal on a machine like that... I would be looking to install a hypervisor OS and then run VMs on top of it...

Then you can try different stuff, play with different appliances, experiment and break things all without having to worry...

My home media server (7yo desktop hardware repurposed) is also my development and testing server and I run tons of VMs on it (including media server) and it runs sweet! :)

Personally I like Proxmox because it has a powerful and useful WebUI; both OpenVZ containers (Linux only) and KVM (any OS). I don't use Windows much but occasionally it is handy to have a copy ready to run on the server. All the TurnKey appliances are available for download within the Proxmox WebUI (as OVZ containers so they run really efficiently).

TurnKey LXC appliance might be another option, but I haven't played with that much yet... The only downside of that compared to Proxmox is that LXC will only support Linux servers

From what I have read XenServer (by Citrix) has been open sourced too so that could be another good option. I'm not sure whether VMware still offer a free version of ESXi/vSphere or not?

If you wanted to experiment and play then you could always do a bit of DIY...! You could just install TurnKey LXC and install KVM on it as well, then install a web based VM management software...!?

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Hey thanks for the quick reply..

ok the installation has failed twice so far..

So what do you suggest .. I am really new to all of linux..

But i can follow instructions well.. based upon what your saying what is it I should load first.

and how do i get it..

Lets just act as thow you have this system and want to accomplish what I have said..

tell me where I will grab it and install it.I have plent of dvds

LOL haha

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Ok I am downloading promox as i type..

I am burning it first to disk and then I will try and install

Can all vms run at the same time ..

say i want windows 2012

and say also a pakage like turnkey and lamp

will both of these servers be available????


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Ok I have proxmox installed

But not sure how to load turnkey..It says it would be available on local to download

But there is no option once i start to create there are no templates..little confused what my next step is?


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So from a web browser on a PC on the same LAN as the server got to htpps://<server-ip>:8006 and log in with user 'root' and the password you set on install. A nag window about no subscription will pop up, for home use you can just ignore that...

In the top left, select 'Storage View' from the View dropdown. You will hopefully see your storage array on the right (it should be called local by default). Double click that... Then click on the content tab and the 'Templates' button. Scroll down to TurnKey, find the image you want (you can use the headers of the window to sort the templates), click the one you want to select and click 'Download'...! :)

Then once it's finished click "Create CT" in the top right corner, should be a simple case of following the prompts...

Generally I find that the 'Server View' (select from top left dropdown) is the most useful view. Once your container has been set up and you are all good to go then click on your container in the left pane. Then click 'Start' (over towards the top right).

It will take a little while to start up the first time as it will auto install security updates. You can see how it is progressing from the console window if you wish ('Console' button to the right of 'Start').

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yeh i never got to far with proxmox..but tried vmware and citrixxenserver...actually loaded windows on it..

but by doing this I have grasp the concept and now i am going back to proxmox and giving it a good test of the issues i had was it didnt give me an option to load from my cdrom which is usb...

or maybe i dont know how to access it properly....but i am giving it another whirl..

Keep you updated..

Is it possible to load say win 7 and then be able to access it from and ip address???

what do i need to accomplish such a task...Say i install it and i want to access it from another corner of the world.. is the only way through remote desktop or something like team veiwer???

I have visual studio that i am hoping to maybe put on server 20008 or 2012 ms anbd then i want all my music files to be able to be streamed easily...


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say i install lamp .. how do i access it... I am using a fully qualified domain do i back slash /lamp

or do i do i set up to where i can distinguish between all the vms and cts..........please explain the best approach .. using a name server or what?

right now i started at understand that when i create a different node i assign it an ip address or node address...could you elaberate???


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Assuming that you have a router NATed to the outside world, then you'll need to set up a reverse proxy. Unfortunately there isn't an appliance for that (yet...) so you'll have to do it yourself... If you keep in mind that TurnKey Linux (v13.x) is based on Debian Wheezy (aka 7) then google should turn up some useful info (hopefully a tutorial or 2).

Then you can either set up sub-domains as you suggested or folders. Then have your reverse proxy listening on ports 80 and 443 & redirecting to the relevant (other) servers by internal IP...

As for your VMs (OVZ containers are technically called CTs but I refer to them as VMs anyway...) DO NOT use VM numbers under 100. Personally I use 192.168.1.x IPs and have a DHCP server setup that allocates; I use &lt:20 for hardware that I set with static IPs; My Proxmox server is (with >50 & <99 reserved in case I need more static IPs). Then I allocate the IP that matches the VMID, i.e. VM#100 (your first VM) has an IP of Although seeing as you have your Proxmox server on to do something similar you'll need to use a different IP for VM#100...

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Ok here where i am...

I have succesfully loaded proxmox and have downloaded numerous turnkey apps.

they all sound awesome ????? but i am un able to log in to any of these apps..

i have entered the password i gave when i installed them .. the user name say root@pam

still no entry???? is there a super secret password i am not aware of to enter first time??

Please advice


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Generally I find that the 'Server View' (select from top left dropdown) is the most useful view. Once your container has been set up and you are all good to go then click on your container in the left pane. Then click 'Start' (over towards the top right).

It will take a little while to start up the first time as it will auto install security updates. You can see how it is progressing from the console window if you wish ('Console' button to the right of 'Start').

The only detail you may be missing is that the username is just 'root' (the '@pam' bit relates only to the type of authentication; in this case PAM). It is really only relevant to the Proxmox UI as it has it's own user/authentication system as well (PAM is default Linux style authentication).

With appliances running as containers (as you've done) you can also access them via SSH (using something like PuTTY if on Windows; or just the ssh command via a terminal window in Mac/Linux). Username is root and password as you set on install (from the Proxmxo Web UI).

Once you are logged in you will need to go through the firstboot scripts to set internal passwords etc...

Sorry I haven't had a chance to answer any of your other questions. I'll get back when I have a chance and see if there is anything unresolved that i can answer...

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