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VPS's ( 4 Gig Ram+ ) with an installed TurnkeyLinux OS are now offered to benefit from the TurnKeyLinux ecosystem ( Apps ).  

Wanting a 'hybrid' VPS solution: to deploy a few php Apps for a few websites plus domainnames ( e.g. WordPress / Joomla ) and also Apache Tomcat server for one domainname with Java application Liferay Portal.

TurnkeyLinux offers: "Tomcat on Apache" App available at www.turnkeylinux.org/tomcat-apache

This App offers Apache Tomcat for Java application deployment plus an easy to use GUI Webmin control panel and also makes deploying php applications possible.

What exactly would I need to do - in understandable steps - starting off from the VPS with 'bare TurnKeyLinux OS to get this 'hybrid' functionality to serve multiple domainnames with multiple php Apps and also serve up a Java application like Liferay ?

Where to find information on the (1) TurnkeyLinux OS, (2) to (additionally ?) available GUI admin/control panel(s) to easy manage the VPS server (3) explanation on how to install your Apps and get the intended 'hybrid' solution.

Can we deploy multiple Apps of the same kind on the VPS to serve up e.g. two Wordpress websites with separate domainnames ( not wanting to use WordPress Multisites !) and two Moodle websites ?

Do we need to develop and set up virtual domain hosting for this or can this be easily done ?

Having previously worked with Bitnami.com's virtualized Apps ecosystem ( looking similar to TurnekyLinux ) I faced great challenges deploying multiple Apps ( of the same type ) on one EC2 Cloud server. Only one App could be served in root and it proved almost 'impossible' ( not advisable!) to install/deploy a second WordPress App ( for a second WordPress website on a second domainname ) and similalrly deploying multiple Apps on the server.

A 'shared webhosting operation' on the server to host e.g. a few WordPress sites on a few domainnames just wasn't possible. Trying to set up virtualhosting ( for a Drupal App to serve up  multiple Drupal websites using this one Drupal installation ) proved challenging and overly complex. 

My current VPS with WHM/cPanel and Installatron (a one click installer) is a webhoster's dream come true. Host endless (domainname) websites of all sorts of open source apps, multiple versions of Drupal, WordPress etc. is no problem at all ! I am not 'locked' down to one domainname and one App on a server or complex challenges to get virtual hosting properly set up.

Your very extensive offering of TurnKeyLinux Apps and overall ecosystem looks very interesting and promising .... .

But what are the limitations of multiple TurnKeyLinux Apps for multiple domainnames ( websites) on a (one) server ?

Can I deploy multiple different TurnKeyLinux Apps on the VPS ?

Can I deploy a second App of the same 'flavour'  for another domainname ?

How do you do this ?

How do I set up the domainname to its respective App ?

Do I have to experiment and self invent a virtual hosting configuration / set up for this ?

So how can I easily operate a VPS ( TurnKeyLinux OS ) with several TKLinux Apps for multiple domainnames ( obviously one domainname per App ! )

For various reasons we do not want to use cloud delivery platforms ( yours or AWS ) hence our interest in a VPS with an OS like TurnKeyLinux. 

Thank you for your reply and explanations ... 


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Essentially all that you desire is theoretically possible. Although theoretically it should have also been possible with Bitnami (not that Ii am particularly familiar with Bitnami, although what I do know of their setup it possibly would have been a bit trickier).

Personally I find that Java/Tomcat apps tend to be quite resource intensive so if it were me, I would be looking to set that up on it's own server. Unless they are particularly heavy traffic sites, multiple php apps on the LAMP stack should be fine.

In essence you will need to set up virtual hosts for each domain and have each app installed to it's own folder.

TurnKey includes Webmin by default, which does have an Apache module. However personally I tried it when I first discovered TurnKey and found it difficult to get it to do what I wanted. I resorted to manual Apache config and discovered that it isn't too bad (IMO it makes more sense than Webmin, but perhaps that's just me...). Unfortunately I don't currently have any set up like that anymore though, so I can't give you any pointers (I have all my server running separately now - primarily I prefer the redundancy that separate servers provides).

Regardless though, if you keep in mind that TurnKey Linux is built on top of Debian (TKL v12.x is based on Debian Squeeze; aka 6 & v13.x is based on Debian Wheezy; aka 7) then you should find plenty of tutorials etc that should head you in the right direction.

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