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Hi, just FYI a couple problems in case you are not aware of them

1.  Link to General Forums on the Contact Us page is broken

2. On the home page, pagination of turnkey appliances list is broken on anything except the "All" tab

It may or may not be relevant but I use Chrome as my browser




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I have just fixed the link on the Contact Us page. By #2 I assume you mean when you click on "2" or "next" or "last" (and you just get s spinning blue circle thing). If so I have never been able to work out the cause of that. It is not working for me now either (I also use Chrome - well actually Chromium to be precise...) but sometimes it does work and it seems to work more often in Firefox (although I haven't tested it for a while.

We hope to update the site a bit soon so it hasn't been a huge priority... If you want to browse through the apps you can also use the drop down at the top...

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