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UPDATE: TurnKey Odoo has been released

Just wondering if there where any open projects to make Turnkey devices of dolibarr or odoo (Formally OpenERP)?

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IIRC there was a community member who was building an OpenERP appliance but I don't think it was ever completed (and sounds like it would need an update even if it was...).

Dolibarr I had never heard of until now...

If it's an itch you like to scratch then I'm more than happy to get you headed in the right direction...

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If you can point me in the right direction, I will work on it. 

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If you've never heard of TKLDev then a great place to start is probably the blog post announcment and then there is the full docs. I would strongly suggest that you have a read through the docs, download TKLDev (e.g. install as a VM) and have a play. Then once you are ready to start building I wrote a bit of a first time appliance builders suggested workflow.

I hope it doesn't appear to daunting! It'd be great if you can follow it through, but so long as you share your progress as you go, even if you don't make it to the end then it's still valuable to the community. Even just documentation of the install process is a valuable start...

As always if you get stuck or aren't sure where to next, please post back. Feedback (positive or negative) at any point (whether it be about the tools, the documentation, the process or anything else) is always most welcome and generally useful! :)

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Hi there,

I am from the open-source dolibarr project.

So you will find all necessary info for an implemantation here:

It is php, so really easy to install and upgrade.

If you like to discuss about it, please send me an email:

Here is an article about dolibarr from techrepublic, to know more go on

We really would love to become a turnkey app and will provide any necessary information.

Kind regards,




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Great to hear from you and thanks for posting. I haven't heard back from Chris so I'm not sure where he got to.

I'm sure that your advice and guidance would be welcomed by him.

FWIW even if he has got sidetracked or has stalled; if you good people at Dolibarr would like to see a Dolibarr TurnKey appliance available, then please feel free to work on it yourselves. I will try to provide as much support as possible. Info about TKLDev is linked to in my post above.

FWIW I'll shoot you an email too! :)

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