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I've been installing different flavours of Linux for over 15 years and I have never come across such an amazing Samba Server! Turnkey is a bit of an understatement...

Well done!!!

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And actually it's pretty good timing too.

Currently we are in the process of finalising our next version (v14.0 - see blog posts here and here). Currently we are still working on the 2 Samba appliances we have; "fileserver" and "domain controller". So some last minute feedback would be invaluable.

Firstly we have been having issues with automating the Pydio install (the new name for Ajaxplorer - the software provided to give a webUI to the file storage). So we have looked at other options and are putting the pieces in place to have something that is hopefully close to the functionality of the current appliance. We hope to work more closely with Pydio upstream to create a standalone Pydio appliance (but more on that later).

As for the DC appliance specifically; over the years we have had many requests for a Samba4 AD DC. Now that Debian Jessie (the basis of TKL v14.0) includes Samba4 by default we thought that it might be time to update the domain-controller to a AD compatible config. That changes a few things but hopefully should be a good thing.

I would love some feedback on what things you particularly love about the current DC appliance and how our plans for v14.0 sound (and whether or not they would work for you; if not what might 'fix' it).

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