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So, I am back for about a month before getting pulled back into craziness at work for go live #1.

I wanted to work on Odoo first, so I wanted post in an open forum. What do you want to see next, made better etc?

Also maybe discuss the v9 and Odoo's change from v8 to v9 and will we stay on v8.

Looking forward to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter.

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Good on you Ken.

Surely someone has some thoughts or ideas!?! Come on people!

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I've been using Odoo 8 but from what i see going from 8 to 9 or upcomming 10 is a mager process with the database as Odoo 8s database is not compatable with Odoo 9 or 10. for me moving on in versions is not an option due to the high cost of having Odoo or a Odoo partner do the migrating (At us$80 per line of code with one partner) i just don't have that kind of cash laying aroung to thow away.


I have also posted for help with letsencrypt with Odoo in the forum to.

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Once Odoo release v11, they will no longer support v8. So our hands are tied in the regard. However, I'm not sure when v11 will be released. From what I gather it's not imminent.

It also seems most likely that at least the next release of the TurnKey Odoo appliance will still contain v8. However, we will certainly be looking to move to a newer version soon.

FWIW, even when we do change to a newer upstream version, there is nothing stopping you from continuing to run your existing server using v8. Keep in mind though that the need to upgrade will grow as time goes on (post when Odoo stop supporting it) and I would argue that at some point security vulnerabilities will occur which will make continuing usage of v8 untenable. But how/if you resolve that is your call.

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I´m newbie with Odoo. Do you recommended start now with Odoo v8 on 14.2 or wait a new version?

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If you are not yet using Odoo, then I would recommend waiting. Odoo v8 will be EOL (end of life) really soon. We hope to produce an Odoo v10 appliance (we're skipping v9) sometime within the next few months, but unfortunately I can't give you a ETA.

We are currently working on our v15.0 release. Once we've released that, then even if the Odoo appliance isn't quite ready, once we've updated the build code, you could even build it yourself. At least then you can start development.

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Thank you!

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Just wondering whether there has been any movement on a new Odoo appliance?

Cavan Kelly

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I wold like to see eithe the latest Odoo version or the The Open Source ERP and CRM Flectra available at

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I don't have a firm ETA for the v15.0 Odoo appliance, but it should be within the next few weeks. But no promises at this point. Either way, it will ship with the latest release of Odoo v11, installed from their Debian repository.

Thanks to for flagging Flectra. I'd never heard of it, but it's good to know about. While Odoo continues to provide a decent open source version, we don't intend to drop Odoo, but we may well publish a Flectra appliance in the future as well.

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TBH, reading that Odoo post, a response from FlectraHQ/Tech Receptives, plus some threads from the Odoo mailing list, doesn't give me a lot of confidence in any of them!

I don't really like the non-FLOSS attitude and crippleware software model of Odoo. But OTOH, I can't really sympathise with FlectraHQ. From what I can see, Odoo appear to have a legitimate case of license infringement against them. Just the fact that FlectraHQ have rewritten git history (generally a big no-no for FLOSS software - as it breaks all the forks done since the history that you've rewritten) suggests to me that they got caught out doing the wrong thing! If it'd happened once, then I could believe it was a genuine mistake which they've tried to "do the right thing", but for it to happen multiple times in such a short timeframe seems pretty flaky to me.

Perhaps we should just produce an ERPNext appliance and be done with it?!

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I would like to get iso image of turnkey linux running odoo v 9. Any body has download links or information about how to compile one! Thanks

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We never actually produced a Odoo v9 appliance, so unless someone else has made one and is willing to upload it somewhere for you, then I don't think that will be a possibility.

Regarding making one yourself, that may be possible, but will depend on whether Odoo still provide the Odoo v9 code. The current Odoo buildcode can be found here. It will take a bit of trial and error to get it working, but so long as Odoo still provide the v9 software, it should be possible.

Having said that, unless you plan to share it with others or launch multiple copies of it, it may be easier to just start with one of our other appliances and install Odoo from scratch?

Sorry if that isn't super helpful. If you have a go and hit any issues, please feel free to post back with specific questions.

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Geoffrey and Jeremy,

Odoo 9 Code is available still on Github.  Code there goes back to Version 5 OpenERP

Here is 9

I am wanting to build a upgrade series from 8 to 12 so will need to build a V9 Ap on the way.

Want and will are not necessarily the same thing and will depend upon OpenUpgrade actually working the way I understand it should...

It would be relatively easy to install Odoo 8 Appliance then before you actually install it, do a Pull of version 9 overwriting version 8 and at least see if it works.

Likely more to it than that but perhaps not.



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I'd be really interested to hear how you go with the 'OpenUpgrade' tool. Please keep us posted.

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I have been looking at the landscape a bit around Odoo.  The subject of EOL and usability are 2 different things.  At present there is a very rich use model for Odoo 8 and considerable Open Source involvment moving beyond in v9, v10, v11 and v12.

Follow this link then browse through the different branches.

I wish TKL had such good branch organization:

At V9, Odoo changed their License model and it started that there was a Enterprise and Community situation appearing.

It appears that the Community versions are alive and well.  I don't know what was lifted from Community to Enterprise just now but I think very much can be done.  Odoo Community Association (OCA) has many backports and forwardports between versions of practical uses.  Also  shows the full landscape and even shows addons dating back much forther than V8 into the OpenERP era.

I think the big issue though is going to be around living with either V2.7 or v 3x Python.  The full move by Odoo to Python 3 I understand to be in v12 and was able to use both in v11.

Python itself is making v2 x EOL in January 2020.  I think it will be able to still run Python 2x programs but there will be no updates and who knows what will happen with the whole PIP mechanisms for v2.

Similar subjects for Debian versions and the TKL foundations of the TKL Odoo Ap.

That all said,  I think it will be possible to still run the V8 (TKL 14) App.  

To Migrate the V8 to V11/V12 etc Odoo via TKL will need to be worked through.  Someone has likely done it already keeping data intact.  That said, I have not seen reference to such.  OCA OpenUpgrade should be usable for that process.  It might be possible w/ TKLBAM and OpenUpgrade to actually make it happen (thinking it will be more manual than that though).

Odoo's (the company's) major sin, imho, is how they have always kept their inhouse upgrade process very much off the radar.  They can do it though with their own tools.

If I can get a process worked through on upgrading I will post it somewhere here.

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A few comments.

I wish TKL had such good branch organization:

Odoo's usage of branches makes a ton of sense because they are maintaining multiple versions. As TurnKey only maintains the latest release, there is no real value in providing multiple branches (and doing so would suggest to many users that we are maintaining old versions). So there is no value to provide a branch for every past release. Instead we simply tag the releases. In effect, this works the same as the branches that Odoo use (i.e. you can checkout the code at the tag), just there is no facility to apply any updated commits.

FWIW we do often use separate branches when we do major updates (e.g. when we do a new major version). But once everything is working and we're ready to release the new version, it get's merged into 'master', released and tagged. Then the (newly merged) development branch is deleted.

I think the big issue though is going to be around living with either V2.7 or v 3x Python. The full move by Odoo to Python 3 I understand to be in v12 and was able to use both in v11.

My understanding is that the core of Odoo 11 is written in Python3 but contains some backwards compatibility for Python2 components. But I could be wrong on that...

Python itself is making v2 x EOL in January 2020. I think it will be able to still run Python 2x programs but there will be no updates and who knows what will happen with the whole PIP mechanisms for v2.

Python2 (aka 'python' - with no version number) will be included in Debian 10/Buster (which will be the basis of TurnKey v16.x). So whilst upstream support for Python2 will end in 2020, it is anticipated that Debian will continue to support Python2 (via it's LTS program) until ~2024 (5 years after stable release of Buster).

Regarding pip, it will continue to operate as it does (i.e. with Python2) until Debian 11/Bullseye is released (long way away - probably mid 2021). It is possible that the download functionality may break for some apps as remove old py2 apps and libraries.

Python3 is installed by default as of Debian 9/Stretch / TurnKey v15.x. And it works with pip too. If you want to use pip with Python3, simply make sure it's installed:

apt update
apt install python3-pip

Then call it via 'pip3'. E.g. to install 'some-py3-app' (imaginary program).:

pip3 install some-py3-app
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Thank you Jeremy!  Great info.

Re the Odoo Python2/Python3 subject I was watching something by one of their chief architects and was given that impression.. 

Re "branches" for TKL I am mainly thinking it would be practical for more easily moving things forward and facilitating TKLBAM restores in the future.  It is always possible to find a Dated Put in Git but working on v 13, v 14, v15 etc would allow some more level of stepping stone method.

Anyway, not a problem it seems so moving forward.

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