Odoo v14.2 - What should be next?

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So, I am back for about a month before getting pulled back into craziness at work for go live #1.

I wanted to work on Odoo first, so I wanted post in an open forum. What do you want to see next, made better etc?

Also maybe discuss the v9 and Odoo's change from v8 to v9 and will we stay on v8.

Looking forward to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter.

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Good on you Ken.

Surely someone has some thoughts or ideas!?! Come on people!

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I've been using Odoo 8 but from what i see going from 8 to 9 or upcomming 10 is a mager process with the database as Odoo 8s database is not compatable with Odoo 9 or 10. for me moving on in versions is not an option due to the high cost of having Odoo or a Odoo partner do the migrating (At us$80 per line of code with one partner) i just don't have that kind of cash laying aroung to thow away.


I have also posted for help with letsencrypt with Odoo in the forum to.

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Once Odoo release v11, they will no longer support v8. So our hands are tied in the regard. However, I'm not sure when v11 will be released. From what I gather it's not imminent.

It also seems most likely that at least the next release of the TurnKey Odoo appliance will still contain v8. However, we will certainly be looking to move to a newer version soon.

FWIW, even when we do change to a newer upstream version, there is nothing stopping you from continuing to run your existing server using v8. Keep in mind though that the need to upgrade will grow as time goes on (post when Odoo stop supporting it) and I would argue that at some point security vulnerabilities will occur which will make continuing usage of v8 untenable. But how/if you resolve that is your call.

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I´m newbie with Odoo. Do you recommended start now with Odoo v8 on 14.2 or wait a new version?

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If you are not yet using Odoo, then I would recommend waiting. Odoo v8 will be EOL (end of life) really soon. We hope to produce an Odoo v10 appliance (we're skipping v9) sometime within the next few months, but unfortunately I can't give you a ETA.

We are currently working on our v15.0 release. Once we've released that, then even if the Odoo appliance isn't quite ready, once we've updated the build code, you could even build it yourself. At least then you can start development.

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Thank you!

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