Let me start by saying I love Turnkey awesome job and please keep it up, and thank you so much. 

I am just wandering if there is a plan to setup a Media Streaming Appliance using either red5.org or any other solution that you feel is worthy of being setup as a Turnkey Appliance.

It would be great if something could be setup to be used on Amazon AWS.




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Sorry on my slow response. And thanks for your kind words.

Currently we do not have any streaming server. But red5.org would certainly be a good option. Unfortunately we are not focusing a lot of attention on creating new appliances but are instead working on some usability improvements for the next release (v14.2).

We still really appreciate the feedback and input and I hope that after the release of v14.2 (probably ~6mths away) we'll have some time to refocus on adding some new appliances...

Also FWIW all our build tools are open source and available for download. If you have any inclination to get your hands dirty and have a go at it yourself, I'd be more that happy to help as much as I can. Once we have an appliance then we can build it in all the formats, including AWS.

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