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Does anybody have a Turnkey appliance (or patch) for ApacheDS?


Thank you,

    Andrew J. Leer

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I'm not aware of one. If you wanted to develop one, I'd be more than happy to add it to the library for v14.2 release.

I see that there is a package in Debian testing (v2.0.0-M15). If you were to install from testing, make sure that you pin the packages (so you don't start pulling tons of other stuff in from testing). It looks like you may also need to pull libapacheds-java from testing. You would also need openjdk-8-jre-headless, but that could come from jessie-backports. The version of adduser in jessie should be fine.

You could also request that it be backported for Jessie? I'm not sure how long that will take though (if they accept the request)...

Having said all that, I notice that upstream provide a Debian package and it's a newer version (2.0.0-M22) than what's in Stretch. It may be a batter option for now until it's either backported for Jessie or Stretch is released (not until next year).

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