Hello everyone, 

I have a question re/using TKLBAM on a clean Debian jessie.

Our hosting provider doesn't allow to install turnkeylinux, but we want to use TKLBAM and the TurnkeyHub for a LAPP platform.

If we install TKLBAM on a clean Debian jessie, will the Postgresql DB also be managed for backup & migration on any other clean Debian?


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Firstly if you can give me the name of your hosting provider I might try reaching out to them to see if they reconsider? If you'd rather not post publicly then email me at jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org

Regardless, TKLBAM should in theory still work fine. Obviously it's not as well tested on vanilla Debian as it is with TurnKey, but TurnKey is Debian under the hood so it should work fine once you have set it up.

Probably the way that I'd be inclined to go would be to try using the LAPP appliance profile for starters. At the least that should give you a decent starting point. I would also do some testing with restores too now before you have too much data/files/etc. Something to consider is whether you want to support restore to a new (clean) server in the future? Personally I think it's a good option to have avaialble. Often it's quicker/easier to launch your latest backup to a clean server then troubleshoot a broken server at your convenience. Again ensuring that works as you hope prior to needing it is advisable. TKLBAM is pretty good and TBH I've never had any major issues with it myself, but you are advised to regularly check your backups before you really need them! :)

So to force your vanilla Debian server to use the LAPP profile should be as easy as this:

tklbam-backup --force-profile=lapp

Also you may find the TKLBAM docs useful?

Hello Jeremy, 

Thank you for your fast reply.

I will test and let you know re/using TKLBAM on a clean Debian with --force-profile=lapp

Our main hosting provider is Online.net with datacenters located in Paris and Amsterdam. 


They offer very competitive dedicated servers, so we only miss the TurnKey Linux appliances...

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You will most likely need to tweak the restore (to a vanilla Debian). The LAPP TKLBAM profile assumes that you are restoring to a TurnKey LAPP server (which already has Apache, Postgres, etc installed). So you may need to create a restore hook to install them first as part of the restore process. Although I'm not 100% sure on that.

I recommend that once you have created your first backup, that you launch a new vanilla Debian server, install TKLBAM and test a restore to see what happens. Then you'll know what (if anything) you'll need to tweak via a hook. Keep in mind though that the hook(s) will run even if you restore to your existing server. So make sure that it's not destructive on your existing server.

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