I want to build the microservices base node.js project for a web application. So I have followed the below step to create the aws lambda function with node.js.


As the next step, I want to integrate above setup with Jenkins to monitor my web application so can anybody help with the step by step process or suggest any article which is authentic and proven like above?

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You write " I want to integrate above setup with Jenkins to monitor my web application" but I'm not quite clear what you mean there. I'm certainly no Jenkins expert, so it's quite possible I'm missing something, but Jenkins is not a monitoring application. It is a CI tool. It is used to build applications (and similar) when triggered by an event.

Or do you mean that you want Jenkins to monitor your code and (re)build your app as you commit changes? If that's what you are after, then google turned up quite a few promising looking results for "use jenkins with nodejs". One of the top results was a tutorial in the Jenkins docs, but there are plenty of others. One that stood out to me was a tutorial titled "How to set up CI/CD Pipeline for a node.js app with Jenkins".

If that's what you are after, please let us know how it goes. If I've misunderstood, please feel free to elaborate on what you mean.

I want to monitor the code and various event via Jenkins 

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I'd be interested to hear how your project goes. As I said above, there seem to be quite a few tutorials online. If you find a particularly good one, please feel free to share the link.

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