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Will Core be released as an OVA?

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That is core version 17.1

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Yes, we intend to release all v17.x apps as OVA (as per usual). We have been focused on getting the whole library updated first. Then once they are all on v17.x, we'll finalise the OVA build process (and update if/where required).

Unfortunately there have been a few things going on behind the scenes which have diverted my attention, causing the release to really drag out. As you've likely noticed, the wheels fell off the website, and we're having mailserver issues too (plus other things going on behind the scenes...). So the whole appliance update process has taken a back seat for the last however many weeks. I really hope to get that back on track really soon.

In the meantime, if you want to, you could try building your own. I don't recall whether it will work or not (but you could report back either way and I can guide you if you hit errors).

We have a doc page that covers building an ISO with TKLDev. Obviously the ISO building bit isn't relevant, but the initial setup and some of the hints might be of value.

To (attempt to) build a Core v17.1 OVA, please try this (from within a TKLDev instance):

cd buildtasks
bt-vm core-17.1-bullseye-amd64

If all goes well, you should be able to find your OVA in /mnt/builds/vm. If it doesn't please post the error messages you get and we can go from there.

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