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You could even use it here instead of your aging old forum ;)

What do you think?



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Discourse do not support any installation methods that are compatible with our current build infrastructure. So it's not really possible at the moment.

That is a technical problem that we hope to resolve, but as I've noted elsewhere, we're a small team with a lot on our plate. So unless someone from the community steps in to ensure that it's prioritised, then I can't offer any insight into when it might be done...

Keep the feedback coming though! It's good to know what members of the community such as yourself think are important. I can't guarantee that we'll address everything you want, nor when, it still really helps us prioritise... :)

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As discourse turned out as nearly stadard for forums I want to ask of the progress?!

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Unfortunately, they only support a docker install. If they were to provide an alternate install path, or once we support using docker at build time, then it'll be possible. But we've made zero progress developing appliance docker install at build time, so I don't anticipate that we'll see it as a TurnKey app anytime soon. Although it would be awesome if it happens sooner!

In the meantime, if you are really keen to get it going, why not consider installing it yourself? The instructions for installing look fairly straight forward, although I note that it doesn't appear to cover installing Docker itself. If you want to use TurnKey (Core?) as a base, then just follow the Debian instructions. I'm not an expert with Docker, but if you do go with a TurnKey base, please feel free to ask if you have questions/issues.

Please note too, that to install Docker, you are probably better off using a "proper" VM (rather than a LXC container). That's because Docker is a container platform, which works in a very similar way to LXC (albeit with just the specific dependencies for the application, not a whole OS).

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I have done it and documented it, but wouldn't recommend it.


As Jeremy mentioned, TurnkeyCore VM is a great platform for installing docker. I run two Docker TKLCore VMs on Proxmox, one for internal services and one for external. I manage it all through Portainer (with Portainer agent) with Gitea (LXC) storing my compose files.

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