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I have mentioned in other posts that I was struggling to install ISPConfig (my preferred hosting control panel) on Turnkey.

Turns out it was actually quite easy. The first thing is you can't run it in a container as it fiddles with disk quotas and then when you do install Turnkey/Core in a VM, you need to allow packages from the non-free repository.

Full details: here (opens in new tab)

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Thanks for sharing your info about installing ISPconfig. Out of interest, over the years we have had quite a few requests for that. But IIRC it has been at least a few years since anyone has mentioned it. We're not against it, but it overlaps with Webmin quite a bit so we've just stuck with Webmin.

I have a strong suspicion that if you really wanted to, ISPconfig could be installed to a container. But the devil is always in the detail and whether or not the research, trial-and-error and general mucking around are worth it (with the possibility that you may hit a limitation without a clear workaround).

Even if you can't get it working "properly", if you're the only user, I'm sure that you could hack around the quota requirement.

But I'll leave that with you for now.

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...what I meant was "I've spent enough time on it and I'm at the point where it's not worth spending any more when it's just as easy to run it in a full VM" :-)


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Sounds completely reasonable to me! :)

I'm inclined to agree. Personally I tend to run a few different things as "proper" VMs (rather than LXC) - but it's only because it's just easier for that use case (and everything generally "just works"). But I also like to provide enough info here on the forums for those who may have other ideas...

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