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I am wondering if this has ben done or Is bene known.

Basically what I would like todo Is:

* basic Plasma KDE or i3 environment

* add a normal user with sudo possibility and maybe autologin in demo mode? 

* add some apps I usually install

This Is what I use for customizing MX fresh install (let alone non free packages, It Is not the important parte):


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Hi UncleDan, developing and providing a light weight TurnKey Desktop distro (or probably a few different ones targeted to somewhat specific use cases) was always part of the plan.

We did even have a Bitcoin/cryptocurrency focused Live distro - called BitKey (the source on GitHub - note it is nothing to do with the "new Bitkey hardware crypto wallet" from Block), but we were a bit ahead of the curve and it didn't get much traction until after we'd stopped actively developing it. I have always hoped to reinvigorate it, but I've just never had the spare cycles.

The components for a desktop distro still exist in Common but they are wildly out of date. I did update the desktop make file when I refactored stuff (prior to release of v18.0) to try to keep it consistent, but I haven't tested it at all and I'm fairly sure there will be issues getting it going. AFAIK the last time there was a working desktop built by TKLDev was way back in v14.x, perhaps maybe v15.x?

There was a guy trying to resurrect BitKey, but I forget his name and I haven't heard from him for a while, so I'm not sure whether he had any luck, or wandered off elsewhere.

Please feel to have a play and see how you go. If you hit issues, please feel free to share and I'll do my best to help out, but I can't offer promises of a timely turn around (I'll try to respond ASAP, but may not be able to investigate straight away).

Good luck and please do share any progress you have.

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