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I would like to run BOINC in the background. Likely many of us don't have much traffic on our turnkey linux servers and would like to contribute that otherwise wasted resource on something beneficial.



Might someone be able to help me get this configured to connect to, for example, SETI@home and to start and run automatically upon boot? I have already run apt install and have the boinccmd tool and likely all of the software requirements for command line operation.


I could potentially spend hours finding this out but hopefully someone can save me from that and allow me to work on things to which I'm more suited.

If SETI@home works I should be able to figure out how to connect to Einstein@home, LHC@home, Rosetta@home, etc. on my own.

Thank you.


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That's an awesome idea! TBH, I have limited experience with BOINC. I did have a play many years ago, but haven't investigated recently. However, I am fairly familiar with systemd which would be the best way to daemonize BOINC (or any other application you wish to run as a service these days...).

Seeing as systemd is becoming standard across most Linux distros, they may even already include a service file to support running it as a daemon? Actually, a quick look through their source code and I discovered a file that appears to be a systemd '.service' file. So if you've installed BOINC from the Debian repos (as it sounds like you have) you should only need to run something like this (to make is auto start on boot):

systemctl enable boinc-client.service

To start it right now, try this:

systemctl start boinc-client.service

You may need to adjust some of the config. I suspect that the daemon config will be in /etc/default/boinc-client and the rest of the BOINC config will likely be found in /etc/boinc-client.

I hope that helps. It looks like the BOINC forums are here if you need BOINC specific assistance. Please keep in mind that TurnKey v15.x is based on Debian 9/Stretch. Please post back with more info if you continue to have TurnKey specific issues and I'll do my best to help out. If you get it working, it'd be great if you can share info as others might like to follow in your footsteps.

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I'll request the additional details on the BOINC forums. :-)

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