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Hi all, This is my first visit and I was wanting some basic advise on Turnkey. I have tried other o/s ( nas ) but they have proved to be so unreliable, and I have read good things about Turnkey that I thought I would give it a whurl. So to my questions :- At present I just want to have the ability to have my media files and document files available on my home network.I have a pc (dual core 1.6GHz + 4GB ram +80GB ssd and 2x 3TB hdd,s) to run Turnkey on and was wondering which would be the best way to do this ?.To download the core app and then add the file server and the media server, or to just download the fileserver and the media server ?. The 2 X 3 TB hdd,s at present have some data on them as they were set up as a raid 1 (mirror), I am guessing that it would be advisable to wipe these and reformat( ext4 linux) before installing Turnkey, using one drive for my data and the other drive as a back-up and using the ssd for the operating system, (and any other further apps that may be required in the future). I look forward to any and all answers and suggestions, cheers all.

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TurnKey appliances are complete self-contained OS, so if you wish to install multiple TurnKey appliances to a single hardware PC then you will need to use some sort of virtualisation.

If your hardware supports virtual CPU extensions (Intel VT-x or AMD-v) then you could install a hypervisor such as ProxmoxVE. You can then install each individual appliance as a Linux container (LXC - note TurnKey apps are available for download within the PVE UI) or as a full VM (install from TurnKey ISO).

Alternatively, you could install our LXC appliance and then install each appliance as a container (again LXC) within that.

Regardless of which way you go, you'll need to configure things so your hardware storage devices are available to the relevant container(s). If you keep in mind that TurnKey (and Proxmox) are Debian based (TKL v14.x = Debian Jessie; PVE 4.x = Debian Jessie), then you should be able to find plenty of relevant info and tutorials via google.

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hi there,


i have to misuse this old thread for another newbie problem.

For some reason i can't figure out how to create a new post in the forum. I can't see any option (New thread or similar) to do this.

What i can do is reply to existing once - so at least thats a start.


Would be great if you could hint me to whatever i am doing wrong.

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nevermind - the minute i posted my question the realoaded screen showed an option. Once i was blind but now can see.



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