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Hi All,

I want to restore only the WordPress MySQL database from a backup to a new instance of the TKL WordPress appliance. Ideally, I would like to restore ONLY the WordPress database and not the MySQL and other databases. This is what I came up with so far...

 tklbam-restore 7 --skip-files --skip-packages 

I have a suspicion I need to add a --limit option to protect the root of the new server but am not sure. I spent some time looking through the tklbam-restore Man page but I'm not clear on what some of the options do. I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. Thanks! -bw

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Hi Bill, you are on the right track. Your command is good, although to just restore the WordPress DB, then you are right that a --limits is needed. IIRC the database is called 'wordpress". Assuming I'm right, then it should be:

tklbam-restore 7 --skip-files --skip-packages --limits="mysql:wordpress"

Please note though, IIRC it will still try to reset the 'wordpress' mysql user password (to whatever it is in your backup).

If for some reason your WordPress site isn't connecting to the database after the restore, then probably the easiest way that should fix that is to reset the password that WordPress uses to connect:


FYI that should both reset the password for the mysql 'wordpress' user, as well as the password in the WordPress config file (the one that it uses to connect to mysql).

PS sorry for such a slow response. Thanks for your patience.

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