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Hi guys!
About a new actual version of this special app gonna debut here?



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Thanks for the bump on Ushahidi.

FWIW, for a number of years I was under the impression that development had essentially stalled. But more recently (actually still a while ago) I became aware that we were providing the "v2" legacy release (which hasn't been updated for some time). There had since been a full rewrite and the newer code was being stored in a completely new repository (hence why we missed it).

Last time I looked at it, "v3" was a complete rewrite based on Laravel (a PHP framework) and our current install build code would need to be completely overhauled. Seeing as we're a small organisation with a bunch of competing priorities, we figured that "v2" still provided some value and intended to do an update to "v3" when time/resources allowed.

But following your bump, I just had another look and it appears that they are now up to "v4". I'm not completely clear on whether it's another complete rewrite or whether it just contains major changes?! Do you have any info on that?

Regardless, I can't provide any promises on when, but we'll certainly aim to get the upcoming v16.0 version using the new "v4" code.

If you'd like to push things things forward, please feel free to have a look at the build code. You'll need a copy of TKLDev and also please note, that development for the upcoming v16.0 version is not super easy to set up (I do hope to improve that ASAP - fingers crossed, this week). However, it is possible to do much of the work in v15.x as porting to v16.0 shouldn't be too hard... If you need some pointers or coaching, then please don't hesitate to ask.

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