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I am not a dev, but I trying to create an update for personal interest by forking and modding:




If everything goes well should I post somewhere for further testing or should I request pull on GitHub?

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Hi! Which do you prefer? Daniele or UncleDan?

Regardless, great work! Yes, please do share once you're done.

Actually, you'd perhaps be interested to hear, that re-implmenting a SuiteCRM appliance is on our todo list! As noted there, we dropped it last major release because we had some concerns about it's security. But it seems that they have a new major version (v8.x), so we'd look to use that.

If you're interested in building with the new v18.0 SuiteCRM appliance (using SuiteCRM v8.x release), then we released a v18.0rc1 TKLDev the other day. It is still under pretty heavy development, but IIRC the base LAMP code (in common) should be good to go.

Also, if you want to open a pull request against the repo (even before it's finished) then please post a link here (my GH notifications are out of control...) I can give you some inline feedback as you go.

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It's the same, on the net they usually call with my old nickname UncleDan, but it's always me.

Here you have a test version:

And here the pull request:

Known bugs:

  • machine boots but I couldn't figure out the "admin" password for SuiteCRM
  • could not log in in adminer

For version 8: the reason I turned to TKL is that I couldn't install correctly on a "pure" debian neither 7 nor 8, and I don't know if I am skilled enough to make TKL-18 to work. I will give a try in next days.



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As you surely understood I am searching for a CRM and... some knowledge.
I did some further testing with other CRMs.
Here the results.

SuiteCRM 7.12.12 ESR (17.2)
Test version: https://github.com/UncleDan/suitecrm/releases/tag/v17.2-bullseye-amd64_b...
Pull request: https://github.com/turnkeylinux-apps/suitecrm/pull/12
Bugs/notes: machine boots, but can't login neither in Suite CRM or in adminer. Investigating.

EspoCRM 7.5.5 (17.2)
Test version: https://github.com/UncleDan/espocrm/releases/tag/v17.2-bullseye-amd64_be...
Pull request: https://github.com/turnkeylinux-apps/espocrm/pull/21
Bugs/notes: -

Odoo 14 (17.2)
Test version: https://github.com/UncleDan/odoo/releases/tag/v17.2-bullseye-amd64_beta_...
Pull request: no modifications needes, I just built.
Bugs/notes: - (If I could understand where the apt repo is set I could give a try to Odoo 16 on 18 RC1)

SuiteCRM 8.3.1 (18 RC1)
Test version: -
Pull request: - 
Bugs/notes: For some weird reason 18 RC1 gives me a strange error. In the meanwhile the code, adapted for 8.x installation instructions is here https://github.com/UncleDan/suitecrm/tree/18-update



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