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Versions: Odoo 16 (from Odoo apt repository) / TurnKey Linux 18RC1
Repository: https://github.com/UncleDan/odoo/tree/18-update-UncleDan
Test version: https://github.com/UncleDan/odoo/releases/tag/v18rc1-bookworm_beta_2023-...
Pull request: https://github.com/turnkeylinux-apps/odoo/pull/23
Bugs/Notes: Seems to work: I could login and install CRM.

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Thank you nice work!

Tested it on a esxi server and it worked flawless, any plans for Odoo17 build?

I was going to work on it but needed odoo17 up and running to continue working on a app so i used tkl lapp and pulled a nightly build.

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