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im traing to set file upload limit to 100 mb in drupal 2009.02:

  • i set 100 mb in .htaccess in section php5
  • i set 100 mb in /etc/apache2/php.ini

drupal in it self is still limited to 16 mb but phpinfo from drupal dir says its 100 mb.

do you know where is the 16mb variable ?


thanx for help


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According to the Drupal Handbook, Drupal's limits on upload file size are determined by the server's PHP settings, as well as Drupal specified settings.

Here are a few resources:

After reading over a couple of articles, it seems that the php memory limit plays a part in the upload limit. I also read that Drupal divides the upload limit available in half for some reason, which leads me to the following conclusion:

The 16MB limit you are referring to stems from the php memory limit which is set to 32MB in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

Let us know if this solves your problem, and if so could you document all the changes you made to help others with a similar problem.
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thanx, it worked, i head to change memory_limit and post_max_size to 64M (make sure you type M on the end, not MB).

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