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I just downloaded and installed the Wordpress appliance, and fired it up for the first time. I get a prompt: "wordpress login:" to which I respond with the information from the appliance's page (http://www.turnkeylinux.org/appliances/wordpress)


  • username admin, password turnkey
  • username editor, password turnkey

But when  I try either of these, the response is: "Login incorrect"

What to do? Has the information changed?



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I can't reproduce the problem you are describing on my end and nobody else has reported this problem so I suspect there may be something about your environment that is interfering with the login process.

This sounds silly, but are you sure that you (or someone else) didn't change the passwords? Try installing again. Also, more information on your environment might help me guess what could be going wrong. Installation type (physical machine or virtual machine and what type), browser, browser extensions, etc.

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Here's what I did:
  1. Wasted half my life as a Windows developer/evangelist
  2. Downloaded the WordPress appliance from your site
  3. Downloaded VirtualBox from Sun
  4. Configured and started up the VM
  5. When startup was done, I ended up in a configuration screen. I looked at the settings, everything looked fine, so I quit.
  6. Then came the wordpress login prompt, and my issue.
  7. That's it! Brand new install as of this morning. I'm stumped!
PS - as number 1. above indicates, I am a n00b. Thanks for your help!
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I did exactly the same only with drupal.

If you quit the "config" dialog (your point 5) you not in WordPress, you are in Ubuntu. The Ubuntu asks for user and password. The confusing point is that I names the instance of the VB drupal6 and so I see the command line from Ubuntu like:

drupal6 login: _

I tought also it`s the drupal login but was not. (You I know how the drupal login looks like but due to my noob relation to this appliance I was not shure).

If you also used a "taking" name like "wordpress" for you VirtualBox it would look like:

wordpress login: _

So use "root" as user and the password you keyed in during the install of the appliance.

Is only a guess while I had the same confusion first hand.
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Thanks - that is exactly what the problem was! Now if only I knew what to do at the command prompt. Time to hit the books...
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I configured my VirtualBox for host-only networking, fired up the appliance, and obtained the url to manage it by. Then connected via Firefox browser and wow! What a great thing this is! Thanks again...
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Delighted that you got it working with Bruno's help! As a Linux guy it can be hard to anticipate how newcomers to Linux might get confused (e.g., having never seen something like a command prompt before). I can understand your confusion. We'd like to work on screencasts to help prevent this kind of stuff in the future.

The other day I found a charming meta-screencast by Linux Journal - How to Make a Linux Screencast.

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Glad you got sorted out.

I cannot reproduce the issue with the confconsole exiting on ALT+a. When I do the key sequence it produces the dialog "Do you really want to quit". This was implemented back in late december and therefore should be included in the wordpress release.

Could you confirm that the confirmation dialog is not produced. Is an error displayed?
You can relaunch the confconsole by typing confconsole
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Your question is off-topic, but this forum post might help.
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I also cannot get the default login to work on bittorrent appliance. I assume I did something like the above mentioned but cannot figure it out. Grrrr

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