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I would like to share a custion virtual machine with turnkey linux comunity but over 2 days of mainly drupal development (and adding some packages) size of .vdi  have grown to 4 gb (!!!)

Do you know how to reduce it, so that others might run it by them self and its resonable size, like 1gb lets say ?

i did all ready  apt-get clean.

thanx for help

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Beginning VirtualBox 2.1.x and now 2.2.x compacting VDI image is temporally disabled by developers.
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It's awesome that you have gotten development to the point where you are making an appliance!

A few ideas regarding your problem:

  • Recreate VM: start over in a new VirtualBox instance and re-apply installation carefully. As a fringe benefit you'll be testing the installation documentation.
  • Compress image with bzip2: I don't think VDI is very efficiently packaged. Probably not even compressed so there's a good chance you might get a reasonable compression ratio just using bzip2
Note that once we repackage the appliance as an ISO, it will probably weigh less than 200MB so this is only a temporary problem.
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Well, its not appliance yet, its just a hd of custom VM, but i hope one day it will be in a form of .iso

I all ready did packed it with zip, its down to 2.1 from 4.1

Problem is in too big HD i took on the start (default 8gb) but other wise it would be not possible mess up with big media files.

Later on im going to re-create it with smaller HD, all documentation is here:

More about the project you cane found here:

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