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Hi All

I recently installed the LAMP appliance, and am trying to create a virtual host. Basically I want to put a few sites in the /var/www/directory, so basically I created a few directories for them in /var/www/ and created virtual hosts pointing to those directories. However, as I use relative addressing in my links (/secure/index.php) it does not seem to be using the document root I specified in the settings, but just using /var/www/ as the document root.

Any ideas on how I solve this?



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I'm not going to be much help to you here as I don't know much about virtual hosts.

But in the meantime - while waiting for someone more helpful than me  - you could possibly find a "how to" or forum post on the subject. Keep in mind that Turnkey is based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS ("Hardy Heron" - Long Term Support). Because of that, instructions for Ubuntu Server using Apache/MySQL/PHP should work (you can see the full Turnkey LAMP list of installed packages & versions in the manifest here ).

If you do find something that works perhaps post a link here to help others in a similar situation.

Good luck.

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Hi Leon. I'd see what the apache logs say. Verify the directives on the appropriate directories for the virtual servers. It could also be a mod_rewrite problem like with the RewriteBase option?

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